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    Greetings v-drummers!

    I have just picked up a BBE 462 sonic maximizer for my vdrums. The sound difference is indeed quite remarkable! However, I think I would like a bit more control over tweaking the various components of the total signal. Thus, I am considering a graphic EQ unit downstream of the BBE (or potentially ahead of it...not sure what is best).

    So, my questions for you gurus out there in vdrum land are: can I get a decent quality, durable EQ unit for under US$150? If so, what are reputable manufacturers? What features should I look for in terms of octaves and number of bands? I surmise more bands and octave ranges are better (e.g. 31 band is better than 15 band and 1/2 octave is better than 1/3 octave)? But, given my budget, this all may be moot, right?

    As usual, thanks in advance for all the great advice!

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    I had a Dynacord EQ-2215
    2 x 15 band equalizer
    with low cut, by pass etc

    Not cheap, but very professional (no noise)

    Perhaps you can find one on ebay


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      Thanks for the tip puttenvr,

      I went out to MF.com and then ebay and I don't see one at either. In fact, searching for "dynacord" on MF.com, zzounds etc. turns up nothing at all. Is this an older unit/manufacturer? The only dynacord products available on ebay are 2 echo units, a remote control and a mixer. Any other suggestions? Thanks a bunch!