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e-cymbal suggestions for upgrade...

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  • e-cymbal suggestions for upgrade...

    I'm currently playing the PD-7's that came with my V customs but find them a little too small & lacking in dynamic range (like the whole kit actually....) Can anyone suggest something better which will be fully optimized with the TD8? I'm thinking maybe the Hart Dynamics. I'm looking for reliability, dynamic range & the best bang for the buck. Any ideas/suggestions welcome. Thanks.
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    I've had my Hart Pro kit for about a week now and so far I love my EII's...Good dynamics. Just took a little bit to dial them in the way I wanted (especially the hats) since I'm new to e-drums. I can't compare them to the cy's since I haven't had much experience with them. But I'm very happy so far.


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      The CY-12R/C's work great with the V-Custom. Don't bother with the CY-6's, except as secondary cymbals.
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        Any opinions on the Pintech cymbals: TC16 and TC14? Zzounds has these for $34 and $30 resectively, as opposed to the Roland V-Cymbals at $200 for the CY12RC, $250 for the CY14C and $300 for the CY15R.

        I'm an acoustic player who's been lurking here for a while, waiting to "take the plunge." My primary reason for going to e-drums will be for low-volume practice at home. Bu tI'm pretty convinced that I'll find myself playing the e's on some gigs and rehearsals. So far I've only really made up my mind on the TD8. For pads, I'm tossing between Pintech Vision or Tour Elite and Hart Accupad or Pro. Cymbals seem to be my biggest connundrum so far, in that I think I want the look and feel of "real" cymbals. The Visu-Lite stuff sounds cheap to me, and the Hart cymbals have mixed reviews (especially concerning stick noise). Somebody clear this up for me! Please?!?

        My other concern is that there's no major retailer near me that stocks any of this stuff. I'll have to buy most of my stuff online, so I'll likely get shafted with shipping and duty and taxes etc. My local shop has a v-Club and V-Custom in stock, and they'll order Roland stuff for me. Anything else and I'm on my own.


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          Originally posted by cush:
          Any opinions on the Pintech cymbals: TC16 and TC14? Zzounds has these for $34 and $30 resectively, as opposed to the Roland V-Cymbals at $200 for the CY12RC, $250 for the CY14C and $300 for the CY15R.
          I am also interested in hearing about the Pintech cymbals. I've heard they're not very durable, but I haven't read any comments on how they trigger. The CY15R is just too expensive for me.
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            Hmmm it appears the TC14 and TC16 are single-trigger. That makes them much less appealing. I guess you get what you pay for...
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              I have to TC16's coming to me this week, I'll let you know how they are. I only bought them to serve as crash cymbals. I'll probably get the pintech TC high hats depending on how I like the TC16's. For my ride, I'm getting a hart x series ride with the bell.


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                Hi, fellas. This probably won't be of much help to you, but I use a TC-10 for a splash cymbal and it works great. I have it connected to my TD-6 module, by the way. If you're not too terribly demanding about what you need in an e-cymbal, the TC series cymbals are tough to beat for the price. In fact, I'm going to get another one for my second splash.......
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                  There is a rumor that Pintech has some new cymbals about ready to release for sale, probably in June. They are supposed to be dual zone, 12" and rubber coated. I don't know if there is a new hi-hat.
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