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Acoustics and Electronics unite, maybe...

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  • Acoustics and Electronics unite, maybe...

    So I had an idea. And I'm sure we've all thought about it. But it's time for me to sell my Roland rack and move up to something a little more...road-worthy. (A Gibralter, naturally)

    That's when I was required to play some acoustics for a show. And that's when it hit me, I fell in love with acoustics again. My electronics didn't seem the same again. I hadn's played acoustics in over a year. But I can't just give up electronics. And we all know why...THEY'RE SO COOL!!

    So I was considering getting a big enough rack for both the electronics and the acoustics. I would have the 4 elec toms and 3 acous toms. one of each snare, one of each HH, and so on...

    I'm just not sure exactly how I would do the bass drums...

    so thats the deal. has anyone tried it out? how is the mix between the elecs and acousts? any tips? could i rack everything?

    thanks guys. i appreciate any input!
    The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.

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    Depending on how you are using the A's....maybe use acoustic toms, elec. kick, triggered / acoustic snare....some accessory pads....tons you can do...

    I am currently messing around with triggering / mic'ing my DW's....and I am mixing some ddrum pads into the set...



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      Well, I'm really not sure what I;m going to do. If for any reason I'd play anywhere big enough, I figured I'd need to buy some drum mics, right?

      I searched around on ebay and found myself interested in a company called Superlux, a side partner of Avlex. They have various combinations of drum mic packs. I mean, a 6 piece drum mic pack (1 kick, 3 tom, 2 overhead) plus 2 extra mics for snare and HH, off of Ebay would be a flat $160. Does that sould like anything good?

      Check up on that brand and tell me what you think. Are they worth my money to get them? I just dont know.

      The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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        Not sure about them.. Standards are Shure SM57's, AKG's, Sennheiser.... I am no mic expert though....



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          Hi Guys

          I use quite a number of Mic's with my PA on Acoustics....like everything you gets what you pay for...SM57s are good workhorses for toms, but in my experience it's worth getting something reasonable for snare / hh / Bass Drum: these tend to be where most work is done: I use an old AKG 451 for snare / hh: phantom powered and I think it's recently been upgraded but 10 years of use and no problems. I currently use a D550 on BD - cheap and cheerful, but good all-rounder: great on bass gtr and double-bass, even piano on occassion.

          I haven't tried out some of the multi packs available (no real need to upgrade...) but they look like good solutions. Most of the top manufacturers have specialist kit mics.

          How are you planning on setting this up? Do you have your own desk with a run to the main house PA or are you planning on on multi-core and into the main desk? In my experience eq-ing etc from your drum throne is a bad idea: it needs to be done FoH....and don't forget cables: bad cables can make the best mics sound rubbish!

          Having said all this, my old band once did a University gig: loads of kit, huge PA, big crew to set-up etc. Our support was a dixieland jazz band made up of guys in their seventies and eighties who took about fifteen minutes to set up, didn't sound check and used one mic - just to introduce the songs! Of course, they were fantastic and completely blew us away...the drummer played with hh / bd / snare / crash-ride and grooved like a demon....their sound was well-rounded and balanced.

          Somebody once said to me it's about sound reinforcement - not sound replacement or often even sound improvement: always kind of stuck with me...


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            New Approach.

            My plans for a home studio are finally coming together...and so are the funds. I probably wont be putting them on the same rack. Instead, I'm going to have the kits seperate. The acoustics on one side, the electronics on the other. Because it is a small room, heavey wall dampening around the A-drums will be needed. I was thinking about foam along the walls and maybe a sound shield in front...eh? You can see the picture of the studio here: http://briefcase.yahoo.com/gagstudios.

            I found a new set of mics that I'm pretty sure I'm going to get. Check em out here: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/...base_id/56308.

            True, they aren't the best. But as long as they provide a sturdy sound that can be enhanced with software, I'm for it. Any thought on these would be appreciated!!
            The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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              sorry guys. Heres the fixed links:
              The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.