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high hat doesn't always make open foot sound

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  • high hat doesn't always make open foot sound

    I am a new v-session owner and when I am playing my high hat, sometimes I'll release the pedal to make an open hh sound and it doesn't make the open sound after the strike...what am I doing wrong...seeing as the v-session just made my bed and cooked my eggs, I'll be surprised if I can't adjust this (or maybe my technique is simply flawed) any suggestions!
    Roland V-Session PL with tdw-1

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    Hi and welcome aboard!

    Are you talking about a 'heel splash' type of sound, just a simple open hats 'slash' sound or the open 'release' sound following a 'closed' hit? (I think it is the last one you are talking about but not sure). More info please.

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      I am speaking of the latter...the cybals sound after the release...it doesn't always sound. Thanks for your reply!

      Roland V-Session PL with tdw-1


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        not being sarcastic but it's probably timing if your trying to hit it while opening and then place your foot back down to snap it shut.if the sound just cut out for no reason you would'nt hear the closed hat either when your stick came back down.(i'm having trouble being clear and concise.but it's sunday.....frankly i won't care till tommorow.
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