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TD-6 or TD-8?

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  • TD-6 or TD-8?

    I've done a lot of research on these two modules (including an extensive use of the Search feature found on this site) and I've listened to both. Since the sounds are so similar, can anyone convince me to opt for the TD-8 over the TD-6 when considering a module for home practice only. For simply playing along to your favorite CDs without bothering the neighbors, is it really worth the extra $230 to get a few more outputs, a few more user-editable options, and individual faders? Or, are there other features exclusive to the TD-8 that are worth considering for home practice?

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    I got a V-Club kit about two months ago. I did a lot of reading (this site, too) before I took the plunge, and even tried them out a few times. I love this kit. I've also played them out live with my band in 3 different venues (inside large hall, outside bandshell, inside small hall)and the sound is great. I think the V-Club (TD6)is the way to go for what you seem to need. It has some limitations compared to the TD8, but hey, if they're not important to you, save the bucks!


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      About a month ago I bought the TD6 Club set.
      I upgraded it with CY15R, KD80 Kick, PD120RD and CY12HH.
      So now I have all the trigger inputs used (4 toms and remaining PD6 on cymbal stand as China Cymbal and/or Splash cymbal)

      It all works (and sounds) wonderful and is still al little cheaper then the TD8 custom set.

      Cheers ... Sjoerd


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        Hallo too,
        I've bought my TD-6K 6 months ago and am totally happy with it! I've created a meshheadpad and converted a practicepad into electric and it really rules!
        All in all the V-Club gives U really credit for it's $$.


        DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas


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          Thanks for your replies. I just want to clarify that I'm looking at the modules only, not the full kit. I already have a set of pads at home but want to upgrade the module. I'm just wondering if for use exclusively as a practice tool, is it worth the extra $230 to go with the TD-8 instead of the TD-6 considering that they basically have the same sounds?


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            For just playing along the td-6 is perfect.


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              Originally posted by puttenvr:
              For just playing along the td-6 is perfect.

              DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas


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                I know this is silly but I just wish Roland didn't make the TD-6 look so "toy like." They could have at least put it in a black case to give it a more professional look. But, it's the sounds and features that are most important. Thanks again for your feedback.


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                  Almost all e-drums look like toys. Even my beloved ddrums...


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                    Actually.....it IS a big toy!

                    Groet, Cas
                    DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas


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                      Here's an interesting story that may help you decide:

                      One of the bands I (used to) play with was auditioning a new drummer. He was using a TD-8 module with a Roland kit. I use a TD-6 with a Roland kit.

                      We had both kits set up and running, so that I could help out when needed. The new guy commented that my module sounded better than his, so we did an experiment. We both set our snares to exactly the same instrument, using exactly the same settings (well, almost - the TD-8 lets you adjust shell depth, head type and a couple of other parameters) and he claimed my TD-6 STILL sounded better.

                      Not exactly scientific, but running through the same PA system, in the same room, supposedly using the same samples as the TD-8, the TD-6 outperformed the TD-8.

                      Just more food for thought.

                      On the flip side:

                      I used a TD-8 to do some recording work, and it was nice to be able to adjust the level of the different instruments (bass drum, snare, etc.) using the front panel sliders vs. the internal menu on the TD-6. Plus, I was able to give the engineer a separate bass drum and snare feed, while maintaining a stereo cymbal and toms sound field, since the TD-8 has four outputs vs. just 2 for the TD-6. Also, the volume sliders for each instrument on the TD-8 is "global", so the level of the instument you are trying to control affects all patches, vs. just the patch you have selected on the TD-6.

                      Probably more info than you needed, but those have been my experiences. Have fun!
                      I think, therefore I am....or at least I think I am!