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PC "mix-down" software inquiry

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  • PC "mix-down" software inquiry

    Greetings all, I'm the proud owner of a brand new TD-10, running a nice set of Pintech Tour Elite with woven heads complete with second kick drum and extra single zone ride. After playing a Gretsch Artist III kit for fifteen years (I put *every* freakin' mile on that baby... <laughs>), I am now a V-drum fanatic. Can't describe the fun I'm having with this thing.

    Quick question for those of you more learned in the subject than myself. My friend that I'm jamming with has a Roland XP-80 Music Workstation / keyboard setup that he's running. We also have an old 40-lb. 4-track recording studio that we're considering lugging over here to lay down some simple tracks. Our final goal is to record tracks onto my PC in either .wav, .mp3, and possibly .mid format. Short musical tracks and sound clips, basically.

    So here's my questions. What's the BEST (read: most affordable, good quality) way to do this? Is the 4-track even necessary? Is there a PC program or two out there that is the solution? And if so, what type of PC upgrades will be necessary for my computer (K7-1400Mhz, 256mb RAM, CD Burner... only thing I can think of offhand would be a better sound card, one with special inputs perhaps?).

    Anyhow, I know that's alot of questions. Thanks!

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    Your 4-track recorder is a good option if it has a digital or spid/f output .....

    A good audio interface with a digital input will allow you to master your 4 track mixes....M Audio Delta series is a good choice....also Digi 001, Aardvark, RME Hammerfall...among a whole slew of others....

    the most immediate computer upgrade would be an extra recording hard drive, minimum 7200rpm....

    with an interface like a Delta 1010, you have multiple ins and outs, thus allowing you to eliminate your 4 track recorder and record all your mixes to hard disk...

    Cakewalk is the most widely used PC software....simple to use and reliable....
    with your system you should be able to get unlimited midi tracks and 24+ audio tracks....

    Sonic foundry sound forge, Wavelab, or Cool Edit pro are some good mastering programs that will allow you to master your 4 track mixes....

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