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    Hey, everybody:

    Do any of you guys know of any good websites out there for obtaining original music loops in SMF format? I like to take existing loops and modify them into something different whenever I get stuck for loop ideas of my own. I know there's hundreds of MIDI files of cover tunes out there, but I guess what I'm looking for is a "loopbuilder", for lack of a better term. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance.....

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    "Look and you'll see
    you're a

    YOU'RE AN S. M. F.!!!!"

    -- Dee Snider

    I have some loop stuff, what kind of loops are you looking for? Strictly drum loops? You can look at any of Sonic Foundry's Loops For Acid CDs, some have drums and some have other instruments.

    I got all kids of samples and loops I can give you. What kind of music?

    Lemmy know.



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      ..........I was wondering what the heck an SMF file type was too, but I didn't want to appear.well never mind..
      I have done some searching for loops sites and it seems they all want money for loop cd's that someone else has recorded.
      I know, I know, they had to do the sampling and then arrange it and go ahead and burn ..bla bla ...
      I am not looking to make money off of this I just want to get some decent wav files to fool around with.

      Is that unreasonable?

      I have fruityloops and acid pro 3, some others but, but those are easy to use for a drooling idiot like me.
      The original Gig Pig.


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        I thought all of Acids stuff was "royalty free" so we can "keep our projects under budget." Do yo really have to pay sonic foundry/acid if you use their loops?


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          Yeah, you have to pay for many of them. Royalty free just means that they're royalty free, not that you don't have to pay for them.

          It means you pay for them once, use them as much as you want, and never have to pay again. Royalties is when you pay based on use. Well...that's a loose definition, but you get the picture.

          I have many loop CDs, and tons of misc loops if anyone is interested. I went through a phase of scouring the net for them, I belive that there are links somewhere in the forum of places to get samples and so forth.



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            Originally posted by acidbran:
            ..........I was wondering what the heck an SMF file type was too, but I didn't want to appear.well never mind..

            Ask Dee Snider.



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              SMF=Standard MIDI File

              Thanks for the replies, gentlemen. But the real reason I posted this was to bait all you closet Twisted Sister fans out! Glad to see it worked .....


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                "Closet" Twisted Sister fans?

                What do you mean?

                Why would anyone not admit to liking Twisted Sister?