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td5 power adapter

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  • td5 power adapter

    A friend of mine has a Roland TD5 and the original power adapter was a Boss 12v and he is trying to find something comparable but with out any luck. It seems he can't find the right size end on the plug itself. He has tried a number of different recources to no avail any suggestions????

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hello there.

    I too have a TD-5. And while mine still has the adapter it came with, I think that a fairly reliable bet would be the BOSS PSA-120. That seems to work with pretty much anything from BOSS or Roland.


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      BOSS BRA-120 is the adapter you need. I have tried using a Radio Shack adapter w/same ratings and it just wouldn't work. It appears to be a propritary adapter. I hear any other could cause damage to your module. You should be able to order through Roland or you local Roland dealer. Good luck!