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help chosing electronic drumset for a total beginner

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  • help chosing electronic drumset for a total beginner

    Hello everybody!

    I enjoyed very much reading this forum full of enthusiasm and informations. Unluckily I'm totally new in this and quite lost in the task of finding a good electronic drumset for my 8 yo son who has started taking drum lessons (and why not also for me, maybe :-) )

    So after reading and searching I chose some kits but I don't know if I'm in the correct way nor if one worths more than another.

    As a new instrument I would choose an ALESIS NITRO MESH KIT, most of all for the mesh pads and the drum pedal (and the price, of course).
    Otherwise I considered buying a second hand drumset, and that's what I found that seemed interesting to me:
    - ROLAND TD90 240€, TD3 350€, TD6 420€ (with an extra Yamaha pedal, and this set reaches the limits of my budget)
    - YAMAHA DTXPLORER 200-250€, DT450K 290€, DTX500 300-380€┬

    What do you think? New or second hand? Which one? Any other advice? This is the mess I have in my head.... Thanx in advance!

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    Hit some things to see if you like the feel.
    Listen to some things to see if you like the sounds.
    Download and read the manuals of things to see what features you like
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      Hi Toni! For an 8 year old beginner, the Alesis Nitro kit is more than enough. The mesh heads are a definite help for a young beginner over rubber pads in my opinion. Try and find a package deal that includes a drum throne, bass drum pedal, and headphones. For sticks at your son’s age, I’d suggest starting with 7A size, or 5A size at most.

      My strongest recommendation is to find a good drum teacher qualified to teach children. That will give him the best start possible, and they can also help teach him how to arrange his drum kit to suit his size.

      Well done for encouraging your son and helping begin his drumming journey. It is a lifelong gift with many benefits.
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        Thanks a lot! Finally I’ll look for the Alesis Nitro, it seems a good set to start and see if this passion will grow. I just have to wait until Christmas to give it to my son, I think I want it more than him. I’ll write you how it goes :-)