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USB Midi mixer reccomendations and long USB/MIDI run

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  • USB Midi mixer reccomendations and long USB/MIDI run

    I'm planning to place my kit on the other side of the room from my desk in my studio room and will be running a patch panel through the attic to avoid a corded mess on the floor. I can go one of two ways:
    1) Run a midi jack and 1/4" jacks on an in wall panel so I plug my 2box midi out into the jack panel, across the room, and into a corresponding wall mounted panel under the desk, allowing me to plug midi into my interface. I would also run line level from my audio interface back to panel near the drums and into a small mixer/the 2box for monitoring. I would also like control of my DAW mixer from across the room at the kit and likely get a kork nanokontrol studio or similar.

    2) Add a USB run to the panel (with an active USB cable) and get something like the Behringer X-Touch allowing me to use it as a midi IN for my 2box module AND control my DAW. I would use line output again from my audio interface back into a small mixer for headphone monitoring.

    My goal is to be able to sit at my kit and play along/record easily while leaving my MAC docked on the desk with the audio interface. So my question after all this is there a cheaper option similair to the Behringer X-Touch, allowing MIDI in and DAW mixer control?

    Any issues with running a 20' MIDI vs USB run?

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    My laptop lives in a rack 12ft away from my kit. I’m running both MIDI and USB cables that are 20ft (some using an extension cable) without any issues at all. I’ve got this cheap MIDI controller to allow me to start and stop recording remotely, and do basic levels. It takes some effort to configure it properly but it works fine. For more precise control of my DAW (Logic Pro) I use the Logic Remote app on my iPad.
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