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Anyone overdubbing Vdrums with ddrum samples?

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  • Anyone overdubbing Vdrums with ddrum samples?

    The thought interested me. I would probably use a software sampler like EXS24 or something. I wonder what it would sound like too. Obviously the ddrums will be not as loud as the V's... maybe this could give the midi track some umph?


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    If that's what you like...

    Of course, there are TONS of drum samples around, not just ddrums. I'm sure that the ddrum samples are great, but if you have to map them yourself into something like the EXS24, why not just get the exact sounds you want? Mapping to a sampler is NOT EASY to get perfect and the ddruum samples are designed for "their brain". This isn't to say that it can't be done, but it won't be any easier with their's than anyone else's.

    Also, what do you mean "give them some oohmph"? I need to get the recording done that my friend and I are working on so you guys can hear it. The v-drums don't need anything added to them. They sound damn good, especially recorded, when done right and the right sounds and playing are done. Hell, we recorded to MIDI first and then transferred as audio to a Roland vs-1680, dry, and added effects on the recording/mixing end. Even including the fact that MIDI "robs" the feel of the playing (which is bull****), these things sound so much like real drums, in a blind test, I'd probably not know the difference.

    I am truly sorry that everyone is not as happy with the sound of the v-drums as I am. I don't work for Roland (In fact, most of my personal gear is Yamaha), and I'm sure there are plenty of things they could implement to make the v-drums better, but I'm pretty darn happy.

    Good luck with however you decide to do it!
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