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Snare/Hi-Hat Recommendations - TD25

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  • Snare/Hi-Hat Recommendations - TD25

    I have a fully converted acoustic to e-kit, DIY. Used UFO triggers, Jobeky Cymbals & hi-hat control... however... I'm always struggling with the right sensitivity and response on the hi-hat and snare, particularly cross-stick and/or rim shots, on the snare side.

    So, thinking of biting the bullet and buying both a snare and hi-hat. Am I definitely best to stick with Roland products ? I like what I see in the ATV adrum, and drum-tec options but there are so many options - also seems like mostly sold from outside the US (which isn't a show stopper). I saw someone mention Jobeky shells but I haven't been impressed with hihat and one of the crashes died after about 10 uses and they never followed up on my request for support).

    Haven't even started search for hi-hat options yet.

    Just for background - I'm mostly recording midi out for studio recordings, using EZDrummer 2 and Cakewalk.

    Looking for any recommendations that would work well with the TD25 and for capturing midi accurately.

    Thanks in advance

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    Originally posted by sakendrick View Post
    however... I'm always struggling with the right sensitivity and response on the hi-hat
    My advice (if also the controller is an issue): Get a separated system. These VHx systems (or simliar systems by Jobeky) on hihat stands are not reliable and fail by construction (the "motion unit" causes this): Especially a heavy stroke causes a jolt downwards which can trigger unwanted (closer) stages or even the "chick" though your foot hasn't moved. --- Fix: Use a separated controller pedal instead (like "FD9"). The further advantage fom a quality controller like FD9 will be a wider physical pedal control range and open-closed-stages will be more controllable.
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      Thanks - I'll do some research and maybe try one out. Best I can tell though - with the FD9, the hat doesn't actually move/open and close... that wouldn't feel very real to me. Is that correct? Did I see there are new controllers with optical sensors. Are these better in terms of accuracy?


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        I have a VH-11 on an Iron Cobra stand and its not bad but not prefect either, not by any stretch of the imaginstion. I will say though that I use a second kick pedal which moves the hihat further out, but the IC stand has just three points of floor contact, ie two legs and the pedal, which means I can angle the hihat back-in towards me, which is a great help.