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Does Anyone Know VAD 506 Footprint?

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  • Does Anyone Know VAD 506 Footprint?

    About to to do a once in a lifetime upgrade to either a TD 27 or a VAD 506. I really want to go for the VAD 506 but I am limited for space.I am fine for width (6 feet 6 inches) but for depth I have just 5 feet 4 inches between a wall and the front edge of a desk. That needs to fit me in as well. Can anyone advise whether I should be OK?

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    I do not have a VAD 506 kit to measure, but here is advice I wish I knew back when I spent a lot of money buying a "once in a lifetime" V-Drums kit.

    As a musical instrument, e-drums are in a constant state of development and change, and have a long way to go before you'll be able to buy a kit and forget about upgrading. If what you already have will do, avoid spending larger and larger amounts of money upgrading and replacing. That said, if you have no kit or your present kit truly is not meeting your needs, that's when I'd consider a new kit. Don't think "once in a lifetime" because that's not where e-drum technology is at and because electronics degrade, wear out, or become obsolete. Instead, think "what do I need for now; what will work for the music I want to make and/or the technique I want to practice and build."

    Regarding space restrictions, honestly, I think you can make either kit (TD-27KV or VAD 506) work in the same space. Despite the smaller toms and floor toms of the TD-27KV, I suspect the rack and 18 inch ride take up similar space to the VAD 506. Conversely, it may seem the larger toms and bass drum of the VAD 506 are space hogs, but I suspect the ride cymbal sticks out further and equivalent to the rack setup of the TD-27KV. Therefore, I don't think either kit has a space saving advantage. What is an advantage is the greater, more playable sizes (toms, floor tom, and cymbals) of the VAD 506. Therefore, if you can afford it, I'd go with the VAD 506. Both kits use the same module, so both kits sound the same.

    Getting back to the theme "Don't buy unless you need to.", personally, I'm not fan of the Prismatic sound engine, regardless of module implementation (TD-17, TD-27, and TD-50). It sounds synthetic and artificial; updated, yes, but it's still just a different kind of synthetic and artificial than previous V-Drums engines. Also, many features I enjoyed in the previous SuperNATURAL engine have been eliminated. Plus, to my ears, Mimic Pro, ATV aD5 and xD3, any 2Box module, the new EF Note 5 module (assuming it materializes in saleable form), the GEWA G9, and even the Alesis Strike module all sound considerably more acoustic and believable. Granted, the various Roland modules have reliable triggering and a certain maturity, but one does not go to V-Drums for sounds.

    What about the pads? Roland VAD offers acoustic sizes and that's inviting. However, I suspect these to become standard for all e-drum manufacturers fairly soon. If you buy these from Roland currently, you're going to pay a small fortune. There is nothing special about the VAD pads: acoustic drum shells with drop-in, cake-pan-style, side-mounted riggers. The magic is the two proprietary pads (the digital snare and digital ride) and these lock you into a Roland-only solution. The lock-in factor is a problem, because there are better sounding alternatives to Roland modules. For example, many people with VAD kits will consider upgrading to Mimic Pro, but the proprietary snare and ride prevent this. So ultimately, unless you absolutely need a new kit, I'd wait. That's my actual advice. Wait a few years for acoustic sizes to become standard in the e-drum world and then you'll have many better sounding, equally playable (or more playable), and less expensive options than the current VAD kits.
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      it would depend on your kick depth and seating position.. vad kick is 16" deep.. that's 'real' acoustic footprint..
      my a to e kick is 15" deep.. and i need 59" with drum throne.. you have 1.60 meters (about) so, it should be enough..
      again depends on your drum throne position/ reach.. you don't want to feel 'cramped' could check it with an acoustic kit..
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        I don't know about the VAD, but my TD27 takes up 4' 5" wide and 2' 8" in terms of space if this helps ?
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