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Newbie needs monitor/speaker suggestions

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  • Newbie needs monitor/speaker suggestions

    Hey guys...after not playing drums for 10 years (I don't know how I've survived these past 10 years), I'm EXTREMELY excited that I'm going to be ordering a V-club kit in the very near future. My question is this:

    I'm not sure what type of sound setup I should get. I currently have a Korg N1 keyboard and a guitar (w/effect unit). Along with my Vclub kit, I would like to run these all through a mixer and one set of speakers/monitors. Keep in mind, that I play privately for my own enjoyment only -- in a bedroom at my house. I don't really care for the idea of using headphones and I don't need anything that can produce incredibly loud sounds either. I've seen a lot of posts regarding JBL Eons, PM3s, etc... I don't think any of those fit what I'm looking for.

    I would like to keep my costs LOW -- below a few hundred dollars (not counting the mixer) for a stereo setup if possible -- and still have something decent sounding at low to medium volumes.

    Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I figure somebody has to use their vdrums for home use only and use something other than headphones or something really expensive.

    Thanks very much in advance.

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    For a system that will reproduce the frequency's that electronic drums produce you will need more than a few hundred dollars. You can try going that way but I bet youll be back shopping for a new and much more powerful system real quick. Count on spending 3 times that and you might be getting close to what your looking for.
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      Welcome its nice to have you aboard, the issue of amp, monitors etc has been discussed at length. This has included such things as quality, price, etc

      I used to use a keyboard amp but the bass response was really poor. I now use a jbl g2 at home great response on all frequencies – I just keep the volume low (honest)

      If you go cheap you will most probably be replacing the amp within a few months.



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        Then again .. some guys use there home stereo's and are happy enough.

        Keep the volume down.


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          I'd recommend you look for used equipment. You should be able to hit your target price and have something that will do the job right.

          You said "stereo setup". If you are looking for true stereo separation, i.e., 2 speaker cabinets, then you might be lucky to find something used in your price range but I think you are pushing it. It's one thing to get the most bang for your buck, but you need an occasional reality check too. A few hundred $ for that kind of set up might be hard to come by.

          The home stereo system is an alternative but you must be careful not to push it too hard. You will blow your speakers if you overdo the volume. I doubt the sound would be as good as a powered speaker but it should get by.

          I know the PM3 has had a lot of negative comments on this board, but it is made just to suit your purpose. A deal on a used one might still be more than you wanted to spend, but I think you would be real happy with it. The general consensus is it costs as much as the JBL or Mackie favorites but won't handle the job at a gig. The up side is you do get the stereo effect and it's an "in your face" set up. I wouldn't mind having one for just for home use.
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            Welcome aboard!


            Low cost and great sound? Well first I would start with a speaker system that has at least one or two 15 inch speakers in it somewhere. I am working on getting a cabinet made with a 15 inch cabinet and a horn to match a 15 inch cabinet I have. Currently I run a total of 4 X 12 inch speakers with 2 horns and 2 X 15 inch cabinets with a total of 600 watts to drive it all. The sound is not too bad but I would rather the 15 inch speakers for the full range bottom end.

            I figure if you could put together dual 15 inch speaker system with a single horn you might have the start of a low cost solution. I think there is an old Peavey speaker enclosure that featured this arrangement (maybe there are newer versions available).

            As for power, maybe a Yamaha powered mixer of some sort in the low wattage, low cost range.

            I do not play outside of my home studio so big power is not an issue at the moment. I figure my setup cost me (mixer, speakers, cables) in the neighborhood of $1500 (Canadian). I use this setup for DJ'ing to help defray the cost of the system.

            Hope this is helpful.

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              Go with a par of JBL eon 10p G2.Cheap and clean. Not the 15 or mackies.
              If you only use it at home you wonŽt be disappointed, even for small gigs.
              YouŽll be able to feel the kick, the stereo effects, everything clean and not so quiet.
              Easy to carry.


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                On your budget, learn to love headphones!

                Seriously, they sound terrific, will allow you to play at all times, are truly portable, and upgrade your home stereo.

                Use this as an excuse to go out and buy truly excellent headphones - easily possible with your budget and will keep your neighbors happy too.
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                  Thanks very much for the welcome and the replies. I think you guys are right that within my budget, I just will not be able to get something I'm happy with right now.

                  As for headphones, the reason I don't care for them is that I've never worn a pair that have felt comfortable for more than an hour or so. Part of the problem is that I wear glasses and I don't like the headphones pushing my ear against the "ear pieces" of my glasses. The biggest reason, however is that I plan on running back and forth between my keyboard, drums, guitar, and computer a lot. Not having to keep taking headphones on and off would be nice.

                  One thing I neglected to mention was that I currently have a Peavey KB300 keyboard amp. The tweeters are dead, but the 15" woofer still rocks. I think I'll finally get around to replacing the tweaters and live with a mono solution for now. Something like the PM-3's may be something I'll save for down the road...or maybe another used KB300 or something(really it's a matter of getting approval from my wife to spend yet more money ;-)

                  Anyhow, thanks a lot. I got a lot of useful, honest responses. This really is a great group here.

                  Now...I just need to submit that Vclub/pd120 order! Waiting on a couple more quotes


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                    I have the newer KB/A-300. If the older model is anything like the new, you have a 150 watt amp with 15" spkr. I'd definitely replace the tweeter.
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                      As for headphones, the reason I don't care for them is that I've never worn a pair that have felt comfortable for more than an hour or so. Part of the problem is that I wear glasses and I don't like the headphones pushing my ear against the "ear pieces" of my glasses.
                      How about in ear headphone there are some good ones about. I would quite like a pair of these


                      However there are some good cheaper ones around, I think I remember someone mentioning Sony in ear phones. Sure do some but that is silly money

                      If my memory serves me right the sony headphones were a year 2 k model but I'm not sure.

                      As for me I have just ordered some hearsafe big phones, tried some over the weekend and was very impressed, very fat sound and v comfortable.


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                        I use a Peavey KB100 keyboard amp that someone gave me a few years ago. It works just fine for me, but it sounds best at higher volumes.
                        I'm thinking having 2 of these plugged in at once would sound great!
                        The V-Clubs played through headphones sound the best overall. The main reason I use the amp is I don't want to blow my eardrums out!
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                          I've been using a Peavey KB60A for practice and small gigs. Sounds fine if you adjust the 4 band EQ properly. Been using it for 2 years now (with my TD-6 - the module in the Club set) and no problems. Price new was about $350.

                          For large gigs, I have 2 Mackie SRM450's and a Yorkville powered sub. No problem, even at outdoor gigs. I then use the Peavey as a drum monitor - works great!
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                            THE SETUP!

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