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Slipping up

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  • Slipping up

    Hey guys. I have a small problem whenever I play live. My pedals keep slipping! I often play on drum platforms and concrete patios and so on. The platforms dont always have a surface the spikes can dig in to. and concrete, well, that explains itself. and suggestions?

    another thing. i use my HH control all the time. but when you're playing a solo of a quiet section and the control stops working, what do you do. many times in the middle of songs i've had to ask my bassist to actually unplug the cord and replug it into the jack for it to work again, before 10 minutes later it happens again. I guess i could check this wire like a guitar wire and see if its the wire. i dont know. any suggestions on that?

    Alright guys. i appreciate it. Thanks!

    - Andy
    The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.

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    check out the "sliding pedals" post under general.

    so you are saying then when you play quietly your hh controller stops working? which one do you have?


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      Get an inexpensive carpet. I got a 6*15 remmnant at Home depot for $20. Its thin and crappy, but it rolls up pretty small and works well. Take it with you wherever you play. Don't leave it up on stage for the next band. It's invaluable. When it gets too beer soaked and stinky, accidently leave it behind at the gig and buy a new one. Rock on!


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        Thanks guys for the ideas. I'm going to try a few of em
        The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.