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DrumTec Splitters and TD11, or chance TD12 or TD20(again)

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  • DrumTec Splitters and TD11, or chance TD12 or TD20(again)

    Once more I'm back after yet another layoff due to ill health (Thanks Alan for persevering with me to reset my password).

    This time, though I still have my TD11, I've changed the PDXs for 4 x PD85 for toms, 1 x PD105 for snare, an extra CY12 R\C, 1 x Triggera Krigg bass (sold the Roland bass trigger), and the original CY13R ride, CY5 and FD8 for Hihat. (extra PD85, that is Tom 4, in using a DrumTek splitter via Tom3). My previous TD9KX2 had the full VH11 Hihat setup, I had added a PD85, CY12, and 2 Kriggs when I upgraded the module to a used TD12 via a TRS to 2 x mono cable, along with PD6 and a PD9.

    Unfortunately, I no longer have the space for a Hihat stand, but I'm happy enough with the CY5 and FD8, and the small stand fits the room better, but I was wondering if I was to find a clamp that would fit the square crossbar on the MDS4-V, installed a 30cm tom holder etc, could I use second DrumTek splitter to add a pair of TD9s or whatever above my PD85s ?
    How many splitters could be used all in ?

    I will mainly use the kit to trigger EZdrummer2 and SSD5.5 etc, though use the inbuilt kits now and again. Also am I likely to get any problems assigning midi notes ? I'd prefer not to go back to a TD12 because of the screen thing. Can my current triggers, splitter etc be used on a TD17 ?

    Sorry for the length of the post, and I have searched the "Product" forums before I posted.
    Not a bloomin' new member Grrr! TD12, EZ2, NI stuff, BFD Eco2