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Best module for ATV exs-5?

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  • Best module for ATV exs-5?


    So I finally decided to buy the ATV exs-5, it seems a really great kit. It would be my first ekit, as I switch from an acoustic. The new problem is choosing the module. So I have some options:

    - ATV xd3: It's the cheapest option. But somehow I don't like the snare and some kick sounds. It hasn't sound editing options, but the toms and cymbals sound great. I like experimental sounds, this module doesn't really offer that (like dubstep). But as standard module it would maybe be fine for now, eventually I could experiment with a vst.
    I read some topics about the xd3 but now it has a kit creating function, so maybe that changes opinions.
    - TD 17: I would've to switch to a vh-10 HH. It has more editing options and more sounds. But it's sad to go from a 14" to 12" HH. The sounds of the xd3 are maybe more realistic but the TD 17 sounds more 'full'. (Don't know how to describe). Also I would get dual zone toms with the TD 17 (but this isn't a deal breaker)
    - ATV AD5: More fine tuning options and other sounds, but €500 more expensive. Don't know if it's that much of an improvement for that money.
    - 2BOX DRUMIT three: don't really know that much of it. Seems a bit more difficult to get right and I don't know that much of changing settings. Could be nice, but also don't want to spend a lot of time to set it up. Plus I don't have any vst now, so I can't import kits.

    I doubt the most between the xd3/td-17, as I would like a nice sound for practice now and I later can add a vst for gigging/recording (has no priority atm).
    I've tried both modules, and I tend to the TD 17 sounds. But switching the HH sucks (does 12 vs 14 inch matter?)
    Maybe if I would setup the kit for myself and change some settings/creating my own kit, I could get a nice sound from the xd3. It would be the easiest and cheapest option.

    I don't know , what do you think?