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Pearl BP-2 bass drum pad (Late 80s)

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  • Pearl BP-2 bass drum pad (Late 80s)

    Is anybody familiar with these late 80's Pearl BP-2 bass drum pads? One came up for sale near me but I can't find any info on them.
    It looks like it's just a hard rubber pad like the KD-8. I imagine this is similar to the Simmons of that period and should be avoided, but wondered if there was anything special about them.
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    I have the first version of this kit (the DRX-1 where the pads closely resemble the Simmons pads from that era). It's my understanding that Pearl got in trouble because it looked too much like the Simmons pads from that time, forcing them to go to the design in the photo you posted. What is different about the bass pad on the Pearl kits of this era is the area where the beater strikes the pad. It's a softer surface that gives a bit as the beater strikes the pad, making it feel more like an acoustic head. The Simmons bass pads from this era were solid, with no give. When I played electronic drums, this was my favorite bass pad because of the feel. It was also had a solid feel and did not move while playing due to the spikes that protrude from the pad. Nothing else about it is particularly special, although I still think the original version looks cool. It's a bit loud compared to mesh pads.The pad can easily be disassembled if you ever need to work on the trigger unit I've held onto the pads from my Pearl kit even though I have gone back to playing an acoustic kit exclusively.
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