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Roland TD-27 VAD506 and 503

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    Originally posted by One Mile Up View Post
    Pre-ordered my VAD506 at the end of April from Kraft Music....

    Here's what I'm waiting on:
    • 1 x Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD506 Electronic Drum Set
    • 1 x Roland PM-200 V-Drums Personal Drum Monitor Amplifier
    • 1 x Drum Workshop DWCP9500D 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand
    • 1 x Drum Workshop DWCP9300AL Airlift Snare Drum Stand
    • 1 x Drum Workshop DWCP9000 Single Bass Drum Pedal
    • 1 x Roland RDT-SHV Saddle Drum Throne
    • 1 x Roland RH-300V V-Drums Headphones
    • 1 x Roland TDM-25 Drum Mat
    • 2 x Kraft Music Instrument Cable by Strukture - 10'
    • 3 x On-Stage 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Needless to say, I can't WAIT! This is my first ever drum purchase so I don't even know what to expect. I have decided to get moving on a bucket list item (drumming) and wanted to get some decent equipment.
    Hi Mate are you loaded or what. Could you lend me a couple of bucks lol.

    It should be worth the wait but let us know what you think of the kit and how it performs, And some photos maybe.


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      Hi All,
      I am a 70 year-old former garage band drummer who had not played drums in almost 50 years. When I was getting ready to retire, I wanted to start playing again. I went the electronic route for noise control. I received a Roland TD-17 KVX kit from Kraft Music, back in May, 2019. Once I got used to playing again (I play along with the 60's bands whose music my garage band had played, and, of course, Beatles), it was incredible how much I missed it. I really enjoyed playing the TD-17, (it is for sale at this time) but wanted to try the digital ride and snare offered with the TD-27. My VAD-506 Essentials Bundle arrived late in August 2020. After a few months getting used to it, I really like it! I still cannot believe how much I missed playing for all those years.

      At the risk of boring you all, here are my experiences so far:

      I play left handed, so setting the kit up required same changes:

      The TD-27 would not mount to the right of the hi-hat stand using the supplied APC-10 clamp, as the mount under the TD-27 is offset to it's right. Gibraltar came through with an arm that was long enough to mount the TD-27 where I like it, and I do not have another stand to deal with.

      The bass drum trigger cable was too short to reach the jack (it is mounted on the left side of the drum.) I found a 6ft extension that worked fine, but I expect I could have just rotated the bass drum batter head 180 degrees.

      Roland says the toms in this kit use multiple triggers to balance the sound and eliminate hot spots. While the 12" and 14" toms do, the 10” rack tom has only one trigger and on mine, the hot spot is very noticeable. I feel that Roland misrepresented this instrument. That said, I expect that as I learn to play better and become less sloppy with my sticks, that issue will fix itself. For now, I have swapped the 10-inch and 12-inch toms to a right-hand drummer configuration. This has the trigger out of my way, off to the left. It also allows me to tuck the 10-inch tom in close the the other drums.

      The most vexing issue I had setting up the kit was the bass drum. When I first started playing the kit, my wife said it sounded like someone was doing construction in the house. What Roland did was basically put a trigger into an acoustic drum. Their response to my query about this was they intended it to be "loud and proud." It took a few tries, but I did eventually quiet it down. I filled the drum with seat cushion foam, replaced the front mylar head with a mesh head and muffled the batter head with blue painter's tape and hardware store felt pads. This did the trick. I know that I probably ruined the "authentic bass drum" feel, but it has been so long since I had played, I have no memory as to what an acoustic drum feels like.

      It has been almost five months since I received the kit. I really love the feel and aesthetics of drums with regular-sized drum shells. Also, the larger cymbals enhance the playing a lot for me. To me, the digital snare and ride are worth every penny. There are so many variations on the notes you can play, compared to just two or three zones. It was expensive, but I am very happy that I made the decision to go with this kit.

      Sorry to be so long-winded. Hope this helps someone.


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        Originally posted by MBarn View Post
        Roland says the toms in this kit (Ed: VAD506) use multiple triggers to balance the sound and eliminate hot spots. While the 12 and 14 inch toms do, the 10 inch rack tom has only one trigger, and on mine the hot spot is very noticeable. (snip)
        If I remember correctly, the trigger of the 10 inch tom is placed in an unfortunate location, at 3 o'clock, near the bearing edge, close to the mounting bracket. Thus, if you're playing outward, horizontally, from the center of the drum, something quite common for drummers, it is possible to hit the sensor and this would indeed cause a hot spot. Just stay away from playing near the mounting bracket. That's all one need do to avoid a hot spot problem with this drum.
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          Thanks TangTheHump.
          You described the trigger location and problem very accurately. I will work on it using your suggestion.


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            Originally posted by MBarn View Post
            Thanks TangTheHump.
            You described the trigger location and problem very accurately. I will work on it using your suggestion.
            Thanks for confirming the location of 10 inch tom trigger of the VAD506. I wasn't sure if my memory was correct!

            In many previous Roland kits with mesh pads, the triggers are positioned at the center of the heads, a terrible location because this is where drummers hit acoustic drums frequently to maximize attack and pronunciation of each drum's fundamental pitch. Consequently, drummers coming from acoustic drums often have lots of trouble with hot spots in Roland's previous offerings.

            I have tried and tried to avoid playing the center of the drums, but this is such a fundamental technique when playing acoustic drums that I often hit the center of my V-Drums regardless of my efforts. Also, with center mounted trigger placement, it's not just the immediate center of the head, where the trigger cone touches, that is hot spot prone. Rather, the effective focal center of the drum (about a two to three inch diameter in the center) is hot spot prone, so this is a significant problem in these kits.

            The newer kits (like the ones you are playing) have side mounted triggers. Yes, if you hit directly over these triggers, you will experience non-linear / exponential spikes in volume. However, with side mounted triggers, it is much, much less likely you'll hit directly over the triggers, especially if you teach yourself to leave a safety zone around the outer edge when playing from center to the outer edge. Many acoustic drummers do this naturally, both to protect the bearing edges and because there is not a lot of tone at extreme edges near the rims.

            For your situation, you'll have to practice not hitting quite so close to the edges; leave that safety zone I spoke of. With this approach, you can play in a natural way across most of the head, experiencing reasonably linear response (i.e. no hot spots) from all the drums in your kit. This is a *HUGE* improvement over the center mounted triggers of previous Roland kits and thus I don't find Roland's reduced hot spot claims misleading. In fact, in your VAD506 kit, while perhaps not perfect, none-the-less, Roland has addressed the long standing hot spot problem in substantive and effective ways.

            Side note: I've noticed some hot spot problems in the CY-18DR digital ride, but the rest of the VAD506 kit, when played as I suggest, is reasonably free of hot spots.
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