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  • Jobeky????

    SO now that I have a few Field Metal cymbals, im starting to look at options to swap out all my rubber cymbals....Jobeky may be an option. Ive seen recent threads here about them so am aware of potential issues around support, communication etc. Does anyone have first hand experience with their Dark Bronze series of cymbals by chance? Triggering, build quality, look and feel etc? I saw a YT video where the reviewer mentioned his cymbal peeled apart over time and that he saw that with other users as well.

    Anyone here use them?

    BTW i reached out a week ago via the Jobeky site and didnt hear a peep, reached back out again yesterday on email so we will see........Trying to see if they have any ready to ship as im not wanting to wait 8-12 weeks for cymbals.....custom drums i totally understand, but cymbals....nah....
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    YMMV but in my experience they do not answer emails through the jobeky site. i tried twice (waited 2 weeks to send the 2nd message) and after a month and a half i'd heard nothing (and still no response since, has been at least 6 months)

    i had to ask someone to try messaging them on facebook for me to get a reply

    always curious to hear more about them since their cymbals look very intriguing but every time i do the responses do not inspire confidence in dealing with them.
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      yeah ok, i wont give money to anyone who wont answer a sales call........any company, not a Jobeky jab at all. appreciate the feedback.