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Thoughts on selling Roland gear and moving to ATV?

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  • Thoughts on selling Roland gear and moving to ATV?

    Hi, all.

    I've been updating my kit during the last year and today my gear consists in:
    - converted 12" snare
    - KD-10 kick pad
    - one PD-85 as tom
    - one PDX-8 as tom
    - one PD-100 as floor tom
    - three CY-5 as crashes
    - one CY-5 with a (VH-11 like) Drumtec hihat controller
    - one ATV Artist 12" as ride

    I really like the ATV Artist 12" and I was considering upgrading the hats to an ATV 12" hihat, an ATV 12" cymbal as crash and an ATV 14" cymbal as ride (my current 12" would become the 2nd crash).
    This would cost 923 EUR in Drumtec.

    I would also like to upgrade to a 10" toms and a 12" or 13" floor tom.

    With 326 EUR more I get the ATV EXS-3 kit (without the module, but that's ok). The kit has all the cymbals I want (12" hats, 12" cymbal and 14" ride) plus four 10" pads and a 10" bass drum. I would keep my converted snare, then the only thing missing would be the 12" or 13" floor tom, but that's something I could think about in the future (for example, by selling two 10" pads and usign the money to buy a 13" pad from ATV).

    This means literally replacing all the Roland gear I have but the snare and the TD-17 module.

    Any thoughts on this? How does the ATV pads compare to Roland ones? How does the ATV kick pad compares to KD-10 in both feeling and noise level? And is the hihat too loud?
    Last edited by psynchro; 05-21-20, 05:25 AM.