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Buying VH-12 for Roland TD-10+TDW-1

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  • Buying VH-12 for Roland TD-10+TDW-1

    I need a little advice from some experience user here with the Roland setup.
    I found an used (well 2-3 really) VH-12 hi-hat at just €300.
    I wasn't able to found an used VH-11 at a reasonable price (the lower ~€300) and new it will cost me €340
    Now it seems a bit ankward to me to buy a VH-11 at €340 instead of an used VH-12 in good status at €300 but I have TD-10 (expanded) module.
    I won't be using internal features of the module, I will only be using it to trigger Superior Drummer 3, but was wondering if the VH-12 will work consistentlu at all with TD-10.
    Even if it won't have all the nuances, at least it should have dual zone and open/closed (and half way possibily) features.
    I hope to switch to TD-50 module (the 3000€ pack with snare and cymbal) in the future, but not soom, so I will make full use of the VH-12 eventually, but would like to use it in a reasonable way from now with TD-10 and Superior.
    Any experience on the subject? Thanks in advance for your help

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    The VH12 position sensor won't work at all with a TD10, the resistance range is wrong. Whilst it is possible to get a VH11 to work with a TD10 it's not perfect - if you really want a moving hihat you'll be better off changing the module to a 2nd hand TD12 or TD20 if you're not ready to jump for the TD50 price. VH12 will work with those.


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      The VH12 position sensor won't work at all with a TD10
      Bad bad news. Guess I wil lstay with FD-6 + PD8 then instead of wasting money... and then will make the jump to the TD50 Expansion Kit
      Last edited by XMANIGHTX; 05-10-20, 08:56 AM.


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        Yes I just discovered the TD27 LOOOL... didn't even know it existed. That's perfect since I will only be using it as a trigger for Superior Drummer and the likes.