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How important is the module with software and advice on upgrading

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  • How important is the module with software and advice on upgrading

    If someone is using Superior Drummer or Steven Slate how important is the module if you are going to trigger software using midi? Does it make any sense to have a TD-50 for example. A TD-20 can trigger the software just fine and mine currently is. Trying to decide if there is any reason to upgrade the TD 20 to something else if my primary use is to trigger software. I would seem to me that the kit is more critical if the primary use is as I have described. Looking forward to experienced advice!

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    Well, most 50 owners seem to be using their 5,000 kit as a glorified MIDI controller...

    As to is it worth is? Well, not to me, no

    (dodges the flack)
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      talking about using a module for triggering sd3:

      i would love a digital ride and snare, but the digital upgrade pack for a td27 is well over US$2,000 and it’s hard to see that spending that much money is going to give me a benefit relative to cost in terms of improvement on the td9 module for my purposes. if i was making my living from it, different story. i suspect i’ll talk myself into spending the money eventually (the digital pads do look excellent) but my bank balance will need to be pretty healthy. the digital ride and snare (including positional sensing) is pretty much the only thing that makes a td27 or a td50 better than my td9 *for triggering sd3* (the other things are usb out, pad size and cone position in the toms, none of which are a great concern to me, though they matter to some people).

      most (all?) roland modules trigger sd3 reliably and consistently. if i was starting from scratch i would get two eDRUMins. if money was no object, a td27 or td50 as (as someone once put it - ahem) a glorified midi controller

      my thoughts on this are in this post:
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        Keep your TD20, sbyrne.

        Save your money, to invest into better headphones, or a nicer audio interface with low latency, etc...

        Or or put that money into something else, like a motorcycle!
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          So I will say that the digital snare and ride are fantastic. BUT, how much better than a non-digital? Completely subjective and vastly influenced by your own play style...

          The TD-27 is a “cheap” way to get digital pads, but it’s still pricey. I’ve recommended to friends that they go for better sounding modules (IE Mimic PRO) vs a Roland module if just looking for a good sounding and simple setup. If triggering SD3 is the goal, Roland is going to certainly deliver, but I wouldn’t invest in anything better than a TD-30 (used) unless you really want a nuanced and very realistic snare. Even the ride in my opinion doesn’t warrant the uplift. And at that, the TD-30 only applies to those with larger kits.

          if all you really want is an easy button to triggering SD3, then stack a couple of eDRUMin interfaces and call it a day. It’s more than enough to get the job done and triggers MIDI exceedingly well for that use case.
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            +1 for the edrumin. For VST only I See No other Option
            Audiofront eDrumIn. Triggering mainly SD3.

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