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Can't access my main e-kit (Mimic + ATV) due to covid. What's a good side kit to get?

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  • Can't access my main e-kit (Mimic + ATV) due to covid. What's a good side kit to get?

    Hey guys,

    I normally rock a custom rig that's mostly a fusion of the Pearl Mimic Pro module and ATV drums (with some drum-tec drums and Roland cymbals in the mix).
    Unfortunately, due to the quarantine from Covid-19, I am unable to access my main e-kit as I had to move to another geographical location for various reasons, and couldn't ship my main e-kit (I initially expected the quarantine to only last a few weeks).

    Since the quarantine seems like it will last much longer, I don't want to go a long period of time without being able to drum. Right now, all I have with me is a snare practice pad and some sticks. I was thinking depending on how much longer this goes, whether it'd be worth it to get a low-end spare e-kit to use in the meantime, and have as a backup. Or even get something like a DW Go Anywhere practice pad set (that retails around $180).

    What would you guys recommend as a side e-kit for quarantine practice purposes? I was looking at the $370 Alesis Nitro Mesh kit, a used TD-11k kit (around $550), a DW Go Anywhere practice pad set ($180), and maybe even buying a new acoustic set put putting mesh heads and mutes on it (this might be problematic because even low volume kits can cause loud sound).

    Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks so much!

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    Just get a kick practice pad along with your snare practice pad and a double pedal. Then you can develop/practice all your limbs and by the time the quarantene is over you will be a better drummer.


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      good suggestion from frank

      if you want to go electric, i have 2 suugestions

      1. yamaha dtx12 + kt10 + hh65 (possibly + external yamaha snare)

      2. eDRUMin + kt10 + fd9 + snare, hat cymbal, 3-way ride, and tom of ur choice, plus the vst in this thread:

      let us know what u end up getting

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        Originally posted by gobears10 View Post
        Hey guys,

        Or even get something like a DW Go Anywhere practice pad set (that retails around $180).
        I have this practice kit setup in my living room. I use it everyday.

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          Originally posted by super_freak View Post

          I have this practice kit setup in my living room. I use it everyday.

          I think practice pads are better for developing skills than edrums as I find the sound often masks any timing errors. With pads the sound is very distinct and it is very easy to hear if two limbs are not synched because you will hear flams every time they play together.


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            had that kit too superfreak.. it's fine for practice.. but i covered a couple of pads with thin foam (noise) - or a folded towel on them -
            also added a 7" rtom workout pad.. (and if you would also add a prologix 12" blue lightning pad i could last quarantine for 6 months) ..
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              I also am away from home and unable to drum (td30kv with superior drummer 3)

              i started looking into used kits here in Florida where I’m staying, and it seems people are asking high prices.

              I ordered a new MacBook Pro to try and do some work, and was able to login to superior drummer manager and download the package on my Mac.

              i found a great deal on a td50K but after reading and watching endless reviews I decided the td-27k was the right kit for me.

              i could use it while away, and then ship the brain, snare and ride home before traveling back, and then update my home system to digital, and then send the td30, its snare And ride to my corona hideout location when it’s time to come back, and have a very decent analog kit there.

              I’ve feel like I’ve gone crazy and spent way too much money (first quarantine purchase was a compact but high end stereo)

              i just hope the Hegel integrated amp’s DAc I bought has low enough latency for superior Drummer.

              The drum kit should arrive this week.
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                Hey guys,

                Apologies for the late response! Thank you all so much for your wonderful feedback. I decided to go with frank and super freak's suggestions and crafted a practice pad drum kit! It's been working wonders and it feels so good to work on limb independence and timing again. But nycvape, that's really exciting!

                Here's a picture of my practice pad ekit though!

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