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Remo silent stroke heads.

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  • Remo silent stroke heads.

    So I got a simmons sd350 with the mesh heads with the intention of using it as a quiet practice kit. However I am a heavy hitter and my wife tells me that even through 2 closed doors it sounds like I'm shaking the house. The only noise is the pads as I am using headphones. No amp. I was wandering if I replaced the stock heads with remo silent strokes would that make a huge volume difference. I believe that the stock heads are 2 ply that came with the kit.

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    Not sure where your kit is in the house, but there's two ways sound travels, airborne and structural. While mesh heads and the like cuts down on airborne noise, structural noise is much harder to cut down

    Structural noise is the vibrations that come from the pounding. While playing on mesh heads, your kick is still pounding and your sticks are still hitting the heads and producing pressure and vibrations. Those vibrations move through the floor and the studs in the walls, and move throughout the dwelling

    If you tell me where your kit is in the house. I can give you a few tips


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      Well right now the only place I can set up and play is in the living room or my bedroom. We live in a single story house 4 bedrooms but 4 kids also. So really unless I take it outside ,which wouldn't be a problem other than I live in florida and it's hot and humid right now so playing is uncomfortable, not to mention I dont want the humidity possibly damaging the electronics of the drums, I dont have anywhere else to set up. The kids dont seem to care but my wife has bat ears so she hears EVERYTHING. And the bass drum pad and the drum pads are most likely the noisiest culprit of my playing.


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        bat .. another idea: buy a pad like this, put one layer of duct tape on it (much better feel, like a 'head' ) it's still very quiet then,
        and it can take a beating.. at home i spend a lot of time on that thing, that could save some 'noise time' ..
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