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ATV aDrums, TD9 and VSTi

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  • ATV aDrums, TD9 and VSTi

    Hello. First post but recent lingerer in this great forum!

    After a fair bit of research and lots of changes of mind, I am about to pull the trigger ( ) on an ATV aDrums artist standard kit with no module.

    My plan is to get a second hand TD9 as a trigger/midi interface for use with a VSTi (maybe SD3, EZ2, AD2 etc.)

    I would use the TD9 sounds as emergency backup only (might get the drum-tec acoustic kits, V2 upgrade to improve about on the stock sounds).

    I plan to use the kit initially for band practices (going through Yamaha DXR 12s). If that goes well, maybe for smaller gigs/venues with challenging acoustics. If that goes well, maybe I'd part with my acoustic kit eventually!....
    ​​Years ago I had a Yamaha DTX Express and I've got some experience with midi/VSTis, managing latency etc. To me I think the hassle of running a laptop is still just about worth it versus spending lots on a module that still doesn't sound quite as good...

    The main thing holding me back is what I might miss from using a basic module like the TD9 in the way of triggering. My understanding is the AVT triggers are relatively basic (no positional sensing?) so probably not a lot? I guess I may end up with an aux trigger like the bt1 for rim clicks. In the long run I'd certainly consider upgrading as I'm sure modules will keep getting better, but the cost saving is also attractive given the outlay now on the ATVs.

    The other thing I'm not sure about is 'roadworthiness'. I'd assume a set of decent cases would be fine for carting to BP, gigs?

    Any help/advice much appreciated! Right now I'm excited at the prospect of rehearsing at sensible volumes!

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    my td9 just keeps on keeping on and is great for triggering sd3, but you need an interface (no usb midi connection). the td9 also uses a cable snake- not sure how that does or doesn’t affect connecting with the atv. the td9 does separate sounds for rim and head on all drums so you may not need a bt1
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