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ATV EXS5 or Roland TD17.

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  • ATV EXS5 or Roland TD17.

    Hi All.
    I’m new to this forum but hope to be here for a while.
    Apologies if this is in the wrong category.
    I’ve been a drummer for quite some time now and in 2011 I sold my acoustic kit and switched to VDrums with the Roland TD9KVX2.
    My TD 9 is starting to show it’s age a bit now and I’m considering upgrading it sometime in the next year.
    Having spent quite a bit of time reading and watching reviews online I think I’ve got my options down to the ATV EXS5 or the Roland TD17KVX. Both are around the 1500 to 1700 price here in the UK. I’d like the TD27 but its probably a bit outside my budget.
    As a TD9 owner I know how good Roland kits are and how well designed and built they are. But to my ears there’s something about the newer Roland kit sounds, everything since the TD30, that I’m not sure about, from the sound samples I’ve heard they kind of sound muffled or a bit lifeless. I’m not sure if anyone knows what I mean, Maybe its just the default EQ or the way the room ambiance is set up out of the box and it’s something that given enough tweaking with I could get to sound how I like.
    On the other hand, I really like the sound samples I’ve heard of the ATV EXS5. Again, to my ears they’ve sampled acoustic sounding kits beautifully. My concerns are that from what I’ve read the XD3 module is a much simpler beast and there’s limited things you can do to the sound in terms of tweaking.

    Unfortunately, no music stores near me have the ATV kits that I could go and play on.
    So, I’d love to hear people’s opinions on anything I’ve spoken about above. Is it possible to get the Roland’s to sound more alive and less processed? Is the ATV module as limited as it seems. What are both like to play? Are there any other considerations I should consider? Are there any other kits at around this price point I should look at?

    My normal playing environment is in a small ish church through a PA playing modern worship type stuff.

    Any ideas thoughts or brain dumps gratefully received.
    Thanks for your time.

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    another idea could be, buying a used 2box drumit5 and use that for toms and snares, and keep the td9 module for
    hihat, roland cyms etc, (sometimes a combination of 2 modules also can get you where you want to go..)
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      An intermediate solution could be an EXS5 with the AD5 Drum Module instead of the XD3.
      You will get a more flexible module with even better sounds.