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ATV AD5 with basic fx

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  • ATV AD5 with basic fx

    It's such a shame that ATV seemingly wont add any sort of fx to the AD5, through software or via any imminent hardware. I bit the bullet recently and bought a small mixer with some basic fx and for the extra 50quid, it's meant the difference between me recording videos with the module or using Superior Drummer to get the sounds I want.

    I feel like if there were some fx editing parameters in the AD5, it would make the module more successful (though I'm not sure about the hardware limitations). Even if it were just at a basic level (not multi-fx routing like the DTX900 for example) - I feel frustrated that the module could have more potential but is held back by the purist ethos behind it, which I do get but which I feel has hampered the appeal of the module.

    Below is literally the stock sounds with a bit of reverb, playing to a loop.

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    well, many of us would love to see some fx. My suggestion (because i find it very unlikely the link device will ever see the daylight) that
    they should implement the possibility to use the headphone output (via OS update) as separat outputs and of course the possibility to route separate instruments to that new "line outs 3&4". (drumit5 gone this route, so ATV could too).
    But the fact that they did not delivered previous promissed things until now and need much more time than expected to put the canopus samples into the soundstore, let me think ATV has some serious problems.


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      That`s a route I considered myself, too. I sometimes get frustrated by the endless possibilities of VSTs, especially SD3, and my urge to play around with the sounds and not the Kit...and remember my short time with the xD3 fondly. If I would get value for my set, I would likely go ATV EXS-5 and a Mixer with FX to beef up the sound.
      Audiofront eDrumIn. Triggering mainly SD3.

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        adding reverb is quite difficult because the kick (low freq) will mush up the sound, best way would be to lowcut the aux send, but i dont like reverb on the hats also.
        Please keep up asking ATV for adding reverb or hardware outputs, this product is not completed until now! Very unsatisfying state at the moment.