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drum shoe recommendation?

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    Originally posted by Steve Gardner:
    I am missing something. Shoes have never bothered me whn I drum. Chances are, if I am okay to walk in them, I am okay to drum in them...Most all drummers I know that do paying gigs in town wear footwear. I have never spoken to drummers that struggle with wearing shoes....I guess they are all here!
    I hear ya brother. I couldn't believe there were so many posts about shoes. Especially people not wearing shoes. But I do have to admit when I'm playing a gig where the music is really, really kicking, I do have a favorite pair of shoes. They give me a little speed assist if you know what I mean.

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      Originally posted by Marc.:
      Once again, Paul is on the cutting edge. Hey Bro! Point me to them electric shoes. I hate to be behind the times. Especially after all I've invested.

      Do the heels trigger also or is this another trick by Roland to get more money out of us

      (Weapon of Mass Percussion)


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        When I first got serious about drumming about 8 years ago could only be comfortable with running shoes on. I would go out and play for a few minutes sometimes being to lazy to put on shoes if I wasn't planning on playing for very long, and I couldn't play. It really bothered me and made me too uncomfortable. I took a few years off due to moving, being in the military, getting married, having a kid, etc. I recently purchased an E-Kit, and I can't get used to playing with shoes on. I have to play with socks. Weird!!!!


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          Originally posted by Boingo:
          They give me a little speed assist if you know what I mean.

          OMG, I'm LMFAO @ Boingy! HEHEHAHAHOOHOO!

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          Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr