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drum shoe recommendation?

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  • drum shoe recommendation?


    I'm relatively new and hang out mostly in "technical" lately. But, I have a question perhaps best asked here. What the heck are edrummers wearing on their feet these days? I have a size 13 foot and, since switching over to edrums (v-custs with/DW pedals), I am having a heck of time getting comfortable with the pedal/mesh head mix. I've tried lightweight running shoes to this shoe to that shoe to the other shoe and the best thing so far has been a pair of US$15 bedroom slippers. Is that a riot or what!? They look stupid as h&#! But, they are quite comfortable and provide just enough cushion between foot and pedal to prevent my foot from aching after prolonged sessions...but, are thin enough that I don't feel like my big hoof is eating up the pedal (and all my action)....but, they wear out quickly and I feel pretty strange going live with bedroom slippers I've heard wrestling shoes, mountain climbing slippers, surfing slippers etc. What works for the big feet among us? Any and all input greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch!!

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    Shoe Preferences???

    I like to wear "deck shoes"...I think they're also called "Dockers" as a brand name. Anyway, they are a low profile shoe with a hard rubber sole that slides pretty well.

    I like them because they are lightweight, easy to play in and "fashionable" too...

    Good Luck in your search!


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      dockers? fashionable? man, y'all are some old farts on this site.


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        I prefer barefeet. However, if I had to suggest footwear, I'd advise huraches.


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          Originally posted by Marc.:
          I prefer barefeet. However, if I had to suggest footwear, I'd advise huraches.
          bare feet!


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            Go the bare feet!
            Although you should always keep your shoes nearby, I walked out from behind my drum kit at one gig and stepped on some broken glass - that was none too pleasant!

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              If you go the bare feet option you should make sure that there is no smoking on stage.

              Another answere maybe in the drum shoe: - http://www.hartdynamics.com/products...01/mx1001.html

              I also think Tommy Snyder had his own brand of drum shoe, but I'm not 100% sure on that


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                Jazz dance shoes - Capezio maybe,very light.
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                  When I played with shoes on, I would have to "relearn" the feel of the pedals each time I got a new pair of shoes. I prefer bare feet. I can not play with shoes on, even have to take off the socks.

                  I've heard a few negative cluckings when I play at church from the old hens. It's a good idea to keep the shoes nearby!


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                    I like to play in Converse trainers (sneakers if you will), as they have a thin, flexible sole and are grippy to keep your feet on the pedals...

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                      High-heeled sneakers with the spangle-deedaw on the pootie-thang.
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                        Originally posted by gingerbaker:
                        High-heeled sneakers with the spangle-deedaw on the pootie-thang.
                        I thought I was the only one who use these. Mine are lime green.

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                          Bare feet. I can use socks for appearance, but I usually kick off my shoes behind the kit.

                          Playing drums with shoes, to me, is like trying to play guitar with boxing gloves. When I present that analogy to fellow musicians, the light bulb usually clicks on for them...

                          I've played in tennis shoes, and even Teva sandals, but only in a pinch or when sitting in.


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                            I only wear Roland electric drum shoes. Available in finer music stores everywhere. Except in the Netherlands of course. They were unable to make electric shoes out of wood.


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                              Wow! Great thread! Sorry guys...it took me awhile to get back to you. Ok, some cool ideas to pursue. I have actually tried the dockers and they worked pretty well. The bedroom slippers have been the best thus far, but they wear out fast and with the fur they get hot as hell on stage. I too played flat foot and barefooted when I first got into edrumming. Thought it was the only way to maintain control of the pedal on those springy mesh heads. I just switched over to DW5000 pedals and frankly they hurt like hell after about 30 minutes of jamming. So, I abandoned the barefoot thing. Also, my wife gave me several of the D. Weckl instructional videos for xmas...and Dave has gone and screwed me all up. After watching these videos, I immediately started retraining myself to go heel-up on the pedal. It was painful at first, but, after about 6 weeks of working out on it....I think I'm finally back up to some modicum of control and precision with the approach. The nice thing is that now, since I started heel down, I can always drop back down to it as playing circumstances dictate and still get the job done. It was the transition that really got me thinking about footwear. I really think I need something. The Hart Dynamic shoes look *****in. How much? I considered ballet/jazz dance shoes too. My wife laughed How much are these typically. What about surfing/beach slippers? Better, more affordable option? What about those shoes you see people wearing on sailboats? Are those considered "dockers?" So much to learn...so little time Thanks gang!!