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Alesis Strike Multipad Electronic Percussion Pad

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  • Alesis Strike Multipad Electronic Percussion Pad

    Here is my set up

    TD 11KV V-Drums, Zendrum, M-Audio KB with Logic X (MacBookPro) running BFD, Battery 3 & 4, and EZDrummer.

    All is groovy.

    I have seen these Multipads ... and as someone who used an Octopad for years, I am interested.

    I am not sure I need it though? I no longer perform live (Where the Octopad came in handy!!) but have this small studio set up and am looking for some inspiration (Although I do have Band in a Box which is ok for the most part to play along.

    But I guess I am looking for some inspiration and as our local shop has a 0% financing - could pay 1/3 down and the rest is a no brainer. I am just not sure how or why I would integrate it into the "studio" set up.

    the playing and live part I get.


    Mac Book Pro - CatalinaLogic Pro X with Alesis VI 49 Keyboard, Zendrum, TD 11KV, V Expressions, Native Instruments - Battery 3 & 4, BFD, EZ Drummer, EZ Bass, Aubit Samples.

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    Multipad Strike is almost like Spdsx of roland and more. I wish it could be like octapad with option of loading samples like spdsx there is a thread hete discussed about multipad strike.


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      I’m not sure this would give you lasting inspiration. It sounds like you don’t need anything really. I’ve bought plenty of stuff in the past I didn’t need and don’t do it anymore. I usually spend ages researching these days and by the time I finish I don’t bother buying. Keep saving and buy something when you need it and you know it will get used a lot and make a difference.
      Roland TD30 module on TD20 kit SD3 with various kits. Pearl Masters Kit, Yamaha 9000RC original natural wood finish. Cymbals from Zildgian Pasite and Sabian. Loads of percussion bits. Cubase and Wavelab always current versions.


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        The Alesis currently is in user-beta testing. ie. they sell it and you test it.

        Join the FB user group to see how people are getting on (or not) with it.

        If you wanna play with multi paddy things, but wanna pay about half the price whilst getting something stable and full featured, maybe take a DTX Multi12 out for a spin. It's basically a Yamaha e-drum kit in a box with pads stuck on it with very good MIDI implementation etc, full hat control, sequencing, user sounds, etc so great to add to a studio.
        *** Never buy a module without MIDI IN ***
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          You guys are bang on the money

          went and rented it - was back at the store in under 2 hours - bit of a toy. Not what I was looking for. If you play somewhere that a sound effect of something needs to be triggered live - and it isn't playing CATS or at the GRAMMYs ... this will do.

          Took it back they refunded the entire rental. Good for them!

          I bought a new KB

          Alesis VI49

          I am now the proud owner of BUTTONS!!! And dials!!!! And more fiddly stuff.

          As we used to say in the biz

          This has the highest KPD in the category.

          (KPD .... Knobs Per Dollar!)

          Thanks for the input!
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          Mac Book Pro - CatalinaLogic Pro X with Alesis VI 49 Keyboard, Zendrum, TD 11KV, V Expressions, Native Instruments - Battery 3 & 4, BFD, EZ Drummer, EZ Bass, Aubit Samples.