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Best Roland Snare advice please?

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  • Best Roland Snare advice please?

    I want to upgrade my td11 snare from pdx8 to at least 12 inch. Can folks please ease my confusion of the models. Pdx12 seems good value but is pd125bk better and are there others to consider? Thanks in advance. Also, will a Cy13r ride upgrade my Cy8 on the td11 module and allow the Cy8 to be an extra splash?

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    pdx12 maybe no hotspot, pd125 hotspot


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      if you're using cy-8 with fd-8 then upgrade cy-13 for hihat not much different, upgrade to vh10 maybe different then use cy-8 for splash


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        12 inch pad with L-rod mount.

        12 inch, short-stack acoustic size with L-rod mount.

        12 inc, short-stack acoustic size; no L-rod mount so must be used in a snare stand.

        All of these pads have no hot spots. Unfortunately, there are no 14 inch sizes from Roland suitable for snare and compatible with the TD-11 module.

        Given you are trying to keep costs down, I recommend the PDX-12.


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          PDA120LS and PDA120L the same design or different? only different i see is the tom mount on the 120L, 120LS is 220 euro and 120L is 211 euro


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            PDA120L: This is the 12 inch, short-stack acoustic size for use as a rack tom or floor tom. It has an L-rod mounting bracket.

            PDA120LS: This is the 12 inch, short-stack acoustic size for use as a snare drum. It is designed for use in a snare drum stand and thus has no L-rod mounting bracket,

            That's the only difference between these two pads.


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              Assuming you do have a drum rack, I wouldn't get a 12 shell without the tom bracket unless you really want to have to use a snare stand for some reason.


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                I am using the Roland PD128-BC and it is great though there is a hot spotting but can easily be controlled (by a module).


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                  i do like the pdx12. The mounting bracket can be easily demounted for playin on a stand. I use it rackmoujnted, but its helfull to rotate the whole snare, so i get the piezo at "four o clock" so it has better response for playing cross stick. All of my pads are side triggered or silcon - hotspotting is one of the most mistaken developments ever.


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                    josecarlo1129 wrote:
                    I am using the Roland PD128-BC and it is great though there is hot-spotting, but this can easily be controlled (by a module).
                    That's not my experience with the PD-128 (I have many of them) and with other, Roland style, center-mounted triggers. At least, not when using these pads with Roland modules. The pads with center-mounted triggers always have hot spots and while these spots can be dialed down somewhat using module settings, none-the-less, the hot spots never go away. Hot spots with these pads are a constant issue, so much so that I'm now using pads with side-mounted triggers. Even Roland themselves are now moving away from center-mounted triggers due to issues with hot spots.
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                      you also may want to consider buying an ISM-6 trigger from stealth drums (j-man on this forum) and a mesh head and converting an acoustic snare. very easy to assemble and triggers great with no hotspotting and you can choose whatever size drum you like that way.
                      Alesis STRIKE, PD-85 rack toms, PD-105BK floor tom, Mapex snare with ISM-6, PDP MX 22" kick with ISM, iron cobra 900 double pedal, hart e-cymbal2, CY-5 as splash, CY-8, CY-12R, L80 hi-hat with cheap-o trigger with goedrum hi hat controller. EZdrummer2+EZX/Addictive Drums 2 VSTs.


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                        Thank you. I am going to get a Pdx12 and also look into modifying an acoustic snare as suggested.