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Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design

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  • Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design

    Post NAMM 2020, I figured a Roland VAD (V-Drums Acoustic Design) owners thread was in order. Today, I placed an order on a VAD-506 from [email protected] I also upgraded the included VH-10 to a VH-13. Yesterday, I ordered a Pearl Mimic from him, but after crunching the numbers of doing a Stealth ISM-6 A2E conversion I was going to be within a grand of the Roland price after getting triggers, mesh heads,used shell pack, etc. The A2E path really starts to add up quickly. I took the path of least resistance and went Roland. I also factored in resale value. The resale value on the Roland kit vs an A2E DIY is probably 4:1 in favor of the Roland. I fully understand the Roland module sounds horrible compared to the Mimic, so there is no need to remind - I get it. I already own an extensive library of VSTs and nothing works as well with Superior Drummer better than Roland. My main focus was play-ability and the most modern/advanced trigger technology. I already have the audio interface, PC, etc so the VST is zero cost unless I upgrade to Superior 3.0, which I probably will before its said and done. With the new acoustic sized shells, new trigger design, thinner crash cymbals, digital snare, and the 18" digital ride the Roland kit is hard to beat.

    Tar and feathering aside, I am looking forward to the new Roland pads output to Superior Drummer. In the long run, I will have the most modern trigger tech combined with the ever expanding library of VSTs - win win. This will be my first Roland endeavor since owning a TD10 pad kit with a TD20 module. I may add some VEX kits for module only practice sessions. I will probably add another floor tom, splash, and china and use an eDRUM-In or a cheap used Roland TD-"x" with midi thru for extra inputs. For now, I am going to dust off my old 2box module and set up my old kit until the Roland ships in Apr/May.
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    Nice post! Nice to see something good about roland once in awhile lol.


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      Congrats! I bet it will be a great kit. Agree that the A2E costs add up quickly, and can be deceptive. I think the advantage is that you can choose the exact shells you want, but you're totally right about resale. Selling of one of these VAD kits for decent money will probably be fairly easy for a good long while - with a DIY kit, you might be lucky to give it away, lol (truthfully, I don't see them for sale very often, so maybe people are parting them out or just holding on to them).

      I've got a Mimic I'm very happy with, but I also have an audio interface and am learning Logic, so really it would be just one more step to picking up SD3 and going that route. In some ways I'd rather have a TD-27 for VST triggering, as I'd have acces to the digital snare and ride, plus positional sensing. But, there will always be something new on the horizon to lust after, and I can hardly complain about my current set up.

      Anyway, be sure to let us know how you like it when you finally get your hands on it. I expect there will be a lot of activity around these parts in May!.