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Visu-lite/Hart hihat combo

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  • Visu-lite/Hart hihat combo

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    I am a DMPro user as well, and have the full RHC-100 Visulite hihat setup, with their cymbals too. The top cymbal trigger connects directly to the DMPro, as does the little "box" controller that mounts on the HH stand/pedal. I think any "cymbal" that has a suitable trigger and will mount to your HH stand will work with the DMPro, I just happen to use the visulites.

    Also, the variable HH function of the DMPro is realllly cool! See the DMPro Users Forum (at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dmpro/ ) for some really good postings and white papers. In the "files" section I think there is a paper on how to program the DMPro to take advantage of the variable HH function. Good luck!