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edrumin with ipad or TM-6 pro?

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  • edrumin with ipad or TM-6 pro?

    I have a Roland RT-30hr and RT-30k on my snare/kick that I want to use to supplement my acoustic drum sound. I've experimented with the RT-30hr and my Yamaha DTX Multi 12 with multi-layer snare sounds. It actually triggers and works really well, but I don't want to lug around the multipad.

    I also have a Boppad that I've used with my iPad and the app Beatmaker 3. That allows multilayers and ADSR parameters. It also works very well.

    So I could see how an edrumin and Beatmaker 3 would be a very good option for the triggers. But the TM-6 pro would have the benefit of being tailored to exactly what I want to do. The downside of the TM-6 pro would be that I'm not a huge fan of the Roland sound. I've found quite a few very good free samples, and I have Logic/GarageBand/Mainstage on my Macbook Pro, and there are a huge amount of very good, multi-layered samples I've found in the (secret) sample directory. So I know I could get some good sounds going with some effort.

    I used to have a TM-2 and didn't like it at all because it only allows one-shot samples, and those just sound bad if you play with dynamics. I'm afraid the supposedly better one-shot samples in the TM-6 pro are not going to give me the dynamics I'm looking for. Beatmaker 3 allows up to 5 layers.

    Any recommendations? (Could someone please make a good iPad drum module App??? It is so possible....)

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    Sorry... I was away for a while.

    I plugged the iPad directly to the eDRUMin unit, using the USB to lightning adapter.

    Using Apple's own GarageBand, I was able to trigger the drum pads, so I'd say yes, eDRUMin will send MIDI messages through to the iPad and it can be used as a trigger to MIDI interface on an iPad directly.

    You will probably need to adjust the MIDI notes to sync with the right pads, either in your sample app, or with the iOS eDRUMin app.
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      For reliable live use I would use a closed solution like the tm6.

      There is just so much more sh... that can happen with edrumin->Midi->iPad (Software updates ruining your Setup temporarly for example).

      Don`t get me wrong, I love use the edrumin and it never failed me, but I just drum in my Basement.
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        You can get 2 layers out of the TM-6 per trigger by using the A/B layers to use two samples and the fade or switch function to go between them from different velocities of hits. It's not as flexible as the MultiPad or Beatmaker in terms of amounts of layers of course, but it might work better than the TM-2 did for that reason alone. There's transient shaping and stuff for further control of the samples too.

        I would imagine you could get good results from the eDRUMin on the iPad since perceval says it can work but as holzi says above, you are risking it a bit more with extra potential failure points. Some people do this with VSTs live and have a great experience, but I've personally run into issues live with a laptop and prefer other hardware solutions - that part really comes down entirely to preference and tolerance for troubleshooting/backup plans.


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          The TM-6 is arguably best with the samples 50/50 with your real drum mix, or slightly below. The velocity response and tonal variation then comes from your acoustic drum.
          in that scenario I haven’t noticed any machine-gunning or timbre issues.
          but yeah, you can crossfade a soft and loud sample in the A/B sample slots for each trigger. But I agree, three slots (s-m-l) would have been better.