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Need advice for recording tracks alone!

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  • Need advice for recording tracks alone!

    Man I am having some trouble trying to get my drum tracks recorded. I'm playing all the instruments myself and later I'll get various singers to lay vocal tracks down. I want to record the V's in digital audio since I have them sounding pretty descent going through my rack. The problem is since I don't have anybody else to play along with I'm finding it hard to lay down the drums by myself.

    What are some tricks you guys use to record drum tracks by yourself. I am playing to a click, but I don't feel I'm really getting the emotion I want to come through, I sound very stale. I'm a very good drummer, so why the hell am I having so much trouble? :CONFUSED: Thanks in advance for the suggestions!!

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    I've been in the studio a few times, doing instruments individually and recording at once as a band. Individually, we laid down the guitar first, with the guitarist playing to a click track. With hearing the guitars later in your headphones or whatever, you can make it feel more real than laying down drums first. It's like playing air drums/guitar to the radio when your favorite song comes on, you'll have the emotion there, rather that hearing the click...click...click...

    td-6, pro-mark, remo, sabian, dw, tama rockstar.
    td-6, pro-mark, remo, sabian, dw, tama rockstar.


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      for me the best way is to sequence a simple drum part for everyone else to put thier parts down and then mute this part and play drums to a nearly complete track. I usually have the click going when I record my part but low in the mix. I record the drums as midi first and take as many goes as it takes to get a good drum track(in my case this can be a few) I then record the drum part from midi to audio and put the effects on.