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Ride Cymbal comparison

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  • Ride Cymbal comparison

    I recently bought a 2nd hand CY-12R/C for my TD-17 kit (I had been using a CY-8). The bell barely works, but I have read some modification advice to address that... THAT SAID, are any of the newer / bigger Roland rides better in this (or other) regards? How about a non-roland solution...? thanks.

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    people here use ATV ride cymbal and gave good reviews. ATV makes bigger ride cymbal [14", 16", 18"]


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      I use Alesis 16" ride cymbal with my TD-30, it works ok too. Alesis 16" ride bell work better than my CY-13R.


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        The only Roland cymbal that has a reliable bell is the digital one so that's not an option. The ATV cymbals have a good bell. I have the 16" myself and I'm pretty happy with it, considering the lack of alternatives.


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          I used Roland's CY15 for many years and at one point owned & used a CY12R. The 15 was much better. I've been using the digital ride since the 50 came out and am still blown away by how great it really ride ever. On another kit I have the ATV 18" ride. It's great, but I still give the edge to the CY18 for being able to ride, crash and have a distinct bell sound, all seamlessly.
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            ATV works great.


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              GREAT INFO, Guys!
              So as a drummer, what is the advantage for having a larger ride cymbal here? I *know* what the difference is in a real kit (I'm a bassist, not a moron!) but for a digital kit... is it an asesthetic/comfort choice, or are their practical reasons?


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                It’s personal taste. Some people like real size. I personally like something smaller and more compact as that’s one of the advantages of an ekit.
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                  I will chime in with an alternative...

                  I just bought a set of Sabian Quiet Tone practice cymbals. I then bought a set of ISM Stealth cymbal triggers from JmanWord. In particular, I now have a 20" ride with the 3 zone trigger (plugged into my Pearl Mimic Pro). It is quiet (relatively), very responsive, the bell works great, and my cymbals truly respond and feel like an acoustic kit, but with just a "tic tic" noise without my amp turned on or my headphones on.

                  I really can't think of a better or more affordable option.
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                    I'm using a 16" ATV cymbal for the ride through a TD-17, plays and triggers very nicely. I haven't found a problem adjusting to this from a 20" acoustic, although i wouldn't go any smaller.