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Selling a kit versus parting it out - thoughts?

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  • Selling a kit versus parting it out - thoughts?

    So last week I happened into a good deal on a TD-17KVX kit (sorta - has the fixed HH and only one crash - but all mesh pads) - which means I can sell my TD-11KV kit outright.

    HOWEVER - I've done some thinking. I could make use of a few of the parts from my old kit (the extra crash, and a few stand parts, for example) so it might be better to sell it as pieces rather than the whole kit. I have the kit listed on the local Facebook Marketplace and have gotten some feelers, but I'm curious about other folks' experience in this area.

    So what do you think?

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    If your current kit had popular parts (PD85, PDX-100, CY-8 to CY-13) you could sell individual parts for more than what you would get for selling them all together, but in your case I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle. If I understood correctly what parts your kit has, there's nothing that you could sell that won't make the remainder look unattractive as a whole, in which case you'd have to sell them literally one by one and the rack for example would be quite hard/slow to sell. Maybe you could sell one of the 3 toms but that's not much.
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      I've done the numbers (looked on reverb / ebay, made a spreadsheet) - if I was PATIENT, I could not just make a bit more money, but I could save some parts I like for my new kit. But I'd rather just have some one buy it. I'm asking $650 locally (which is a bit high, I know - but I expect some bargaining); The rack - I have no clue what would become of that. Who'd buy it? The real money is in the module, the PDX-8 toms and maybe the the HH/Kick pedals. The HH/rubber toms would fetch me maybe $100 for all 4 pieces.


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        I went through this last summer and ended up selling parting out my e-kit piece by piece. It was a good decision on my part because everything sold in 4 days and I got my asking price for just about every component. I found that many people were searching for a specific component to add to their kit or replace something that was no longer working. Some came looking for a specific item and walked away buying other components because everything was in good/excellent condition and priced right. One guy bought a Roland ride cymbal from me only to have his own module die the next day. He contacted me right away because he knew I had a TD-12 ready to sell. It would've taken much longer to sell it as a complete kit.
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          Well, to answer my own question - I'm parting out my TD11 and already it looks like I'll make more money AND end up with a few nice spares I can use on my TD-17 (extra cymbal & boom - handy). I suppose I answered my question!