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V-Custom Hi-Hat

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  • V-Custom Hi-Hat

    I recently bought this kit about 3 months ago and am learning new things every day about it. I absolutely love it, but one thing that has disappointed me greatly is the fact that I can't seem to get a "tight", "crisp" hi-hat sound by pressing hard on the pedal. All of the hi-hat sounds in the TD-8 sound too loose to me (when I'm pressing down on my pedal). Anyone know of any tips here?

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    I wanted to clarify my question. I'm looking for a "tight", "crisp" sound NOT from pouncing my foot up and down, BUT I want this sound when I'm playing a closed hi-hat and striking the hi-hat pad. Thanks for any advise..


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      Pick a sound that is close to the tightness you want then decrease the decay that should help, I think!! I increase the delay to a more open sound. I would think the pop HH maybe a good place to start.

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      Ted H.


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        Hey thanks for that suggestion. I went home last night and tried it out and it works great. The only problem with decreasing the decay is that when you strike the hi-hat in the open position, it cuts it off real quick (obviously). I wish there was a way to get a tight, crisp sound when striking the pad with a closed hi-hat, AND a long sustained sound when striking the pad with an open hi-hat. I guess this electroninc set is a give and take, you give up all your acoustic head tuning problems (and thank God), and you take something like this. Anyhow, I appreciate your idea.


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          You may also want to check how your high-hat pedal is adjusted with respect to the wingnut.

          Raising the adjustment rod, and then tightening, or, lowering it and then tightening may increase the dynamic range of the pedal somewhat--> might help get you closer to where you want to be.
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            I actually tried adjusting the wingnut and maybe it's just me but I'm not finding a big difference with the sound output. I'm pretty sure the main purpose for the wingnut is simply for the "feel" of the pedal. Any other recommendations here? By the way..thanks for the advices.


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              Originally posted by Brufordwannabe:
              ...maybe it's just me but I'm not finding a big difference with the sound output.
              It's not just you. That's the way it is. The window for open and closed is very small. You get used to it over time but you probably won't get to the point of mastering it like you could the real McCoy.

              Still, most people like adjusting it for maximum throw for the "feel".
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                Another option is to try tuning the hihat sound up an octive or so.