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Upgrading KD-120, and choosing between the ATV and drum-tec 18" bass drums. Thoughts?

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  • Excessium
    I would say it has realistic rebound. Filmed a slow motion video that's probably more helpful:

    Most of the noise comes from the drum-tec patch - and the sound is already distorted in the video due to the slow motion, it doesn't sound like that in reality. I imagine the ATV is likely quieter than this, but I also guess the drum-tec kick would be equally silent without the patch. Keep in mind though that this is a thick elastic patch which adds to the rebound realism, so I wouldn't remove it even if I didn't care about damage to the mesh head. You said that you just want it to be quieter than a KD-120 and I'm guessing it is, even with the patch.
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  • gobears10
    Excessium, thanks for the great and detailed reply! I appreciate you outlining the sound levels and internals.

    I had one question - how bouncy is your drum-tec bass drum? One thing I've read about the ATV artist bass drum is that while it feels a lot more realistic than the typical pad, it can still be quite bouncy. When I did try out the ATV kit at the drum shop, the ATV bass was kinda bouncy (less so than my KD-120 though). The ATV bass did seem relatively quiet though.

    The prices for the ATV and drum-tec bass drums I'm finding are very similar, btw. That's why I'm strongly considering the drum-tec one as well. The less the bounce, the better for me as it feels more realistic.

    Thanks again so much for your help!

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  • Excessium
    I bought the drum-tec 18" kick drum a month ago, but I haven't tried the ATV one.
    Compatibility and triggering should be flawless with either option. I'm guessing they feel about the same based on their internals (check this post and the next) but I can't say for sure.
    The drum-tec kick is as silent as it can be to be honest (definitely quieter than my KD-85 and probably one of the quietest components of my kit - the rubber cymbals are a lot louder), other than the resonant head (I muted it completely by taping some acoustic foam on it). To me it almost sounds like it's louder on the noise comparison video they uploaded. They have since added acoustic foam inside so maybe that's why mine sounds quieter. If the ATV you tried was quiet enough for you and you can find it noticeably cheaper, then I would probably just buy that one.
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  • Upgrading KD-120, and choosing between the ATV and drum-tec 18" bass drums. Thoughts?

    Hey guys,

    So I'm using a Roland TD25 module, and I'm looking to upgrade my bass drum for the second time. First, I swapped out the KD-9 with a Roland KD-120. Now, after upgrading the pad sizes across my kit (got 10" roland pads for my two rack toms, a 12" roland floor tom pad, and a drum-tec 13" diablo snare, in addition to upgrading my cymbal sizes a bit), the 12' kick drum pad seems too small and feels really weird to play.

    I've played around the ATV kit at a drum store in my area, and I liked how it felt. I can't try out the drum-tec kits because I live in America but heard they got good reviews. I want to replace my KD-120 with either the ATV artist 18" kick drum, or the drum-tec diablo 18" kick drum (both 18x12).

    Things I'm considering is:
    1.) I live in an enclosed apartment area, so the volume of the bass pad needs to soft. If it's as soft or softer than the KD-120, that would be great. To any who have tried both, which would you think has a lower volume to play?
    2.) Which do you think would have better compatibility with the TD25 module?
    3.) Which one feels better/feels more realistic to play?

    The reason I'm not going the A2E bass conversion route is because I hear the end result can still be loud to play, and the sound may be prohibitive in an apartment setting.

    Thanks so much for your guyses help!
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