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Hybrid drumkit - need advices :-)

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  • Hybrid drumkit - need advices :-)

    Hello every body,

    I'm thinking of making a hybrid kit, with these elements, and I need advices :

    - PDP New-Yorker shell kit (18-10-13-13)
    - Kick trigger: Roland RT-30K
    - Snare and toms triggers: Ddrum
    - HiHat: ATV 13' or Yamaha RHH135 ?
    - Ride: ATV 14' or Yamaha PCY-155 ?
    - Crash: Millenium (because it's cheap and I think for a crash I don't need high end stuff)
    - Module: DDRUM DDTI to Macbook with Native Instrument Komplete 10 that I already have)
    - Mesh heads: Remo ?

    What do you think of these kit? Will I have problem, or incompatibility ?
    I hesitate to replace the snare by the ATV snare, but it's pricey, do you think that the improvement will worth the money?

    Sorry for my english...

    Have a nice day !


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    I don’t think the DDTI will be good enough if it’s the one based on the Alesis io unless anyone knows better? I once owned the io and no matter what I did I couldn’t get it to trigger a snare realistically. In fact I only ever used it for one shot cymbal sounds
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      Thanks !

      Maybe a basic module like the ATV xD3 is a better choice (but double the price or the DDRUM DDTI) ?


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        My thoughts on the components you suggested.

        PDP New-Yorker shell kit (18-10-13-13)
        That's essentially a jazz bop kit. Personally, I would change this to a shell pack that includes standard bop sizes, such as 18 bass drum, 12 rack tom, 14 floor tom, and 14 snare drum. This makes the kit similar to an acoustic kit and easier to sell later on, because you've got standard sizes. Tama and a number of drum companies make bop shell packs in standard sizes. PDP may also have a bop shell pack in standard sizes.

        Kick trigger: Roland RT-30K / Snare and tom triggers: Ddrum
        There is nothing wrong with using external triggers, but for a cleaner look and greater reliability, I'd go with internal triggers, such as Jobeky or Intrigg. Also note, most of Ddrum's triggers are single zone. The only dual zone trigger Ddrum makes is the snare trigger, so if you do go with Ddrum, I'd choose snare triggers for your snare and toms.

        Hi-hat: ATV 13 or Yamaha RHH135
        The ATV hats (aD-H14) are 14 inches in diameter and I'd choose those over the RHH135. As I understand it, the RHH135 sensor sends out stepped controller data rather than continuous controller data, so you won't get smooth hi-hat transitions. For an inexpensive solution that is very playable and offers maximum compatibility, I'd consider the Roland VH-10.

        Ride: ATV 14 or Yamaha PCY-155
        Except if you're using a Yamaha module, the PCY-155 requires you use a conversion box to get all three zones. If I were buying from ATV, I'd choose their 18 inch ride (aD-C18), which is much more playable than a 14 or 15 inch surface.

        Crash: Millennium
        Sure, for crash cymbal use, inexpensive cymbals may be fine.

        Module: DDRUM DDTI to Macbook with Native Instruments Komplete
        The DDTI seems like the best, off-the-shelf trigger to MIDI device currently available, and it's also fairly inexpensive. I have never used one myself, but have read lots of good things about it. There are ten dual zone inputs. Where you may need to experiment is the DDTI does not have three way triggering support for ride cymbals. So, if you want bell, bow, and edge, you'll need to configure two inputs separately and you'll need to use a ride cymbal where you can process the bell separately from the bow and edge. Based on reviews I've read, it does seem you need to spend some time configuring the DDTI - it's not entirely plug and play. And if you don't spend this setup time, you will get poor results. Here is a review from Nick D'Virgilio at Sweetwater:

        Sweetwater DDTI Trigger Interface Review

        Mesh heads: Remo
        Yes, absolutely. I recommend Remo Silentstroke mesh heads (single ply), which I prefer over two ply mesh heads. Single ply heads are quieter and have more give. Some drummers feel single ply mesh heads are too bouncy, but I have not found single ply much different from two ply heads. Even if there is a little excess bounce, to me, the additional quietness and better feel are worth the tradeoff.
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          In between the ATV xD3 and the DDRUM DDTI, you could have 2 units of eDRUMin.

          The triggering is superb, you can use all three zones from YAMAHA cymbals without any kind of tinkering and only one input, and setting it up, with the auto calibration, is the simplest thing out there.

          It would also allow you to use just about anything for a HH control unit, from a basic DIY FSR based, to the VH10, both of them would offer the same great control.... the FSR being quite cheap at $10 a piece!

          Check it out!

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            Thanks a lot !

            Go for the VH-10.

            For the shells triggers, the response is better with internal or external?

            The Ddrum DDTI seems perfect for the asked job, at home. But I'm wondering, for a better versatility and for the unkown situations in the future, maybe it's a good idea to go for basic module, like the ATV xD3. Basic, but with good sounds inside, to play live without the heaviness a of laptop, not always convenient on little stages.

            My question is: the settings on the ATV xD3 are good enough, like the DDTI, for a good triggering system to play on a computer ?

            Edrumin seems really nice to use. But for a drums with Kick, snare, tom, floor tom, hi-hat, crash, ride 3 zones and one or two more triggers I think that 2 edrumin are not enough.
            This is so bad that they don't make a 10 dual inputs device...

            Have a nice day !


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              I'm wondering, is the module ATV xD3 good enough, for a good triggering system to play on a computer ?


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                Edrums you can split 2 stereo inputs into multiples pads for toms, crash cymbals. Perceval knows more about edrumin. With 2 edrumins you can have all the pads you needed.