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KT-10 as replacement for KD-10 + Iron Cobra 600?

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  • KT-10 as replacement for KD-10 + Iron Cobra 600?

    Hi, all.

    I'm still trying to find a good drum kick that feels good, has good response and low noise.

    The original drum pad that came with my drum was a rubber pad. Terribly loud and terrible feeling.

    Then I bought the Triggera Krigg v3 to use with my Iron Cobra 600. I didn't like it so much so I returned it.

    ​​Then I found a good bargain on ebay. It was a KD-10 unused, still sealed in the box for 70 EUR and I bought it.

    That's my current setup.

    It feels good with the original felt beater from my Iron Cobra 600. But it's also super loud.
    Then I tried different types of beaters:
    - The drum tec sound absorber:
    - One that is a tennis ball:

    And both did reduced the noise and vibration, but increased a lot the rebound and the double triggering to the point it's not pleasant to play.

    So I'm now looking for another option and that's when I found about the KT-10.

    What are your opinions about selling both Iron Cobra 600 and the KD-10 to buy one KT-10? In terms of noise, is KT-10 something in between the Triggera Krigg v3 and the KD-10?

    I really want something that is a pleasure to play with.

    Triggera Krigg v3 was not a good feeling.
    KD-10 with Iron Cobra 600 and felt beater was good feeling, but quite loud for me.
    KD-10 with Iron Cobra 600 and the noise reducing beaters was prone to double trigger, but had less noise than the felt beater.

    Maybe KT-10 is my last hope?

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    In terms of feel; you'll find the KT-10 is halfway between a hard rubber (KD-8) and your KD-10 with felt beater but there is zero double triggering with the KT-10. Do you bury the beater?

    But the KT-10 won't do actual doubles either unless your feet command it, as there's almost no rebound. Consider if you actually want that.

    Tbh I would consider Roland noise eaters before changing out the lot for a KT-10 as you will struggle to lower noise and vibration much further than what you already have.

    I say your KD-10 with Drum-tec sound absorbing beaters is already close to peak performance with only ATV aD-K18, and Drumtec kicks being possibly more ultimate in feel.
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