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Conversion kit build - help!

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  • Conversion kit build - help!

    After quite a bit of research Iv have (almost) decided on the below for a conversation kit I’m building. Please tell me if I’m about to make any glaring mistakes as I’m pretty new to all this...

    Shells - Sonor 3pc Bop kit (already have laying around and happy to use/abuse)

    Heads - thinking of Roland 2ply mesh heads

    Triggers - currently looking at Jobeky internal bars

    Module - TD12 initially as module but intend to use as midi control for Superior Drummer fairly soon.

    Cymbals - Jobeky ‘real feel’ due to appearance and...feel.

    I already own a Roland TM-6 Pro with RT30 triggers that I use live but worry that the tm6 has limited inputs for a nice home practice kit. I also own an SPD-SX that I also use live and may use in some way.

    Any advice on the above would be much appreciated, especially around module choice and any other ways to simplify the set up!



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    I use Jobeky AI triggers and can say they work very well. Easy to install. Make sure you order the cable needed for your conversion.

    I also own the real feel cymbals. They work well, look great and are well built. I recommend them. But you have to be patient with Jobeky. 6-8 week build time. Mine took nine weeks from order to arrival at the house.
    PDP Concept Maple A2E with Bum Wraps; Pearl Crystal Beat Octobans; Jobeky AI dual-zone triggers; drum-tec Real Feel and Billy Blast Ballistech 3.0 mesh heads; ATV cymbals; Gibralter hardware; Offset double pedal; DW Remote hi-hat stands; Yamaha FC7; two eDRUMin10 devices; Alesis Strike Amp 8; Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen; Intel NUC with Windows 10 Pro; SD3


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      Thanks for the advice


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        I am using jobeky triggers. The bar for the snare and the side ones for the toms. I really like them.
        Be patient. I waited for a whole month to receive them. I am based in Ireland. Maybe it will take more time to other continents.
        For the mesh head, I am using the drumtec Design to have a balance between noise and feeling. I can't complain. I like it too, but I would go for the drumtec real feel if you have no problems with noise. I didn't test the real feel to compare the noise though.
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        Ronaldo B.


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          Thanks for your replies, il bear the delivery time in mind when I order.