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I’m shocked at prices

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  • I’m shocked at prices

    I’ve been in manufacturing my whole life and to me, a cymbal like a cy12 is nothing more than a molded piece of rubber with a piezo mic in it. $229???? That’s just crazy.

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    Same as a 1000 iPhone. OR a 300 pair of Beats.....

    Pay for the design and build quality (OK), then a big markup depending on "desirability" / "trend" / "cultism" - and what the market will stand
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      very poor example IMO. iphones or android devices have a HUGE amount of tech in them. further, they're subsidized by the carriers - meaning they're actually more expensive and you don't actually pay for all the value you get up front.

      i agree with your general sentiment, but smart phones - terrible example for comparison sake.
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        Plastic & rubber, both petroleum products, both taking significant design & production costs to mold, create & assemble... not even mentioning the PCB and remaining parts... $2XX seems fairly reasonable to me.
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          I really don't think the price seems that out wack. Roland's build quality and consistency is one of the best in the industry. There are cheaper alternatives but you get what you pay for.
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            $450 for my ATV 18" Ride and worth every penny.
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              It all seems reasonable to me except the $750 for the VH13.


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                Have you seen the price of acoustic cymbals? Then the price for ones that sound good?

                One thing I've noticed is that no module intends to replicate the sound of bad cymbals, no matter how cheap the trigger is. A CY-5 can be Paiste Signature crash if you want it too.
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                  I’d love to have a Field 20” ride but $699 is very very difficult to justify.
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                    Cheap or expensive e-cymbals sound the same given they don't make the sound (except for the stick hitting the rubber), but they do play different, feel different and hold up different. As any other pad. The price is a matter of market, not actual value, but it does reflect the quality. Otherwise we'd all be using the Medeli stuff and Roland would go bust...
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                      While I do agree that some manufacturers are a little pricey with their pads and cymbals, I fully believe in paying for quality vs the cheapest thing that’ll get the job done.

                      For me personally, the biggest price differences in drumming in general that I see is in pedals... Where you can buy a pedal for less than a $100 or a pedal for well over $1000 or more. And I’ve played top end pedals that feel like sh!t while budget pedals can feel fantastic...

                      But as said already, you get what you pay for ultimately.
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