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Drum-Tec Jam Kit vs ATV Artist Series?

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  • Drum-Tec Jam Kit vs ATV Artist Series?

    Hey Everyone, looking to get a long term kit for practice purposes and some basic recording. I am looking at these two kits and can't decide what to get!

    I will be getting drum-tec's TD-17 live sound edition module for sure, no matter which kit. Since I really like that module and the sounds Drum-Tec has put on them.

    I truthfully like the look of the drum-tec more, but the sizes of the ATV. My #1 biggest thing is for the drums to feel as real as they can be, specifically the kick drum and snare.

    I do like the bigger cymbals and shell sizes on ATV, but assume they would sound louder than the jam kit (when the kit is off/ the acoustic sound). I want to play this while my family is home and worry how loud they would be. Maybe both are loud and it doesn't matter which I get.

    I thought about also what I would need to do if something needed to be replaced, I would have to incur international shipping costs to Germany for drum tec, where as ATV would be here in the US.

    Would love to hear everyone's opinion on this as I am completely TORN on what to get.

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    I have an ATV kit beside some Roland pads and the ATV are not louder,just lower pitched. I have a solid tile floor so there is not much floor vibration.


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      You can't go wrong with ATV's Artist Series. They are well built and are relatively quiet when being played. I don't think the extra inch in shell size is going to make that much of a difference. Also with the aDrums you will have no hot spotting due to the triggers being around the edge of the drum.
      ATV aDrums, TD-50, aD5, Superior Drummer 3.0, Roland SPD-SX, Tama & DW Hardware.


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        I have the ATV Artist as well and love it. Highly recommended.
        ATV aDrums, ATV aD5, eDRUMin, Presonus Quantum 2, SD3


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          I have the ATV Artist as well and love it. Highly recommended as well. And if you want real, moving air through a real maple drum shell with 45* bearing edges and real rims with the perfect amount of rubber to deaden the sound while maintaining a realistic "click" feel is going to outperform a pad all day all year long as far as an acoustic drum feel and arguably triggering. Just fantastic. Personally. I admit to also loving the feel and triggering of the PD-108 and 128 Roland pads even though they don't feel like playing an acoustic drum, and I would bet feel as good as Jam pads, Jam pads might even feel better. The ATV kick feels beautiful to play and I can also tell you that the drum-tec snares feel great, and you can add to the realism of the snare by choosing a Real Feel head. The ATV aD-S13 is great too. I have both and currently sticking with drum-tec. Arguably you're best off sticking with the factory ATV 2 ply head with the aD-S13 snare. That's my only reservation. If the Jam pad series offers a 14" snare size there is that to consider as well although to me 13" (ATV aD-S13 snare) or 14" doesn't matter in an e drum. I'm playing devil's advocate I suppose. You're in a good place, I don't think you can go wrong with either.
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