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Building My First Hybrid--Octapad or TD-17?

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  • Building My First Hybrid--Octapad or TD-17?

    I'm a newbie to this page--first post, so I hope you'll be patient. I have a Tama Cocktail Jam kit that I'm trying to convert to a hybrid, mostly for quieter practice but also for small venue gigging. I have about a grand (give or take a few hundred) to play with, and I already have a drum amp. Right now I'm looking at two options: (1) buying a Roland TD-17 module, with triggers and mesh heads for a four drum/three cymbal setup, or (2) buying a Roland Octapad, with the same triggers, heads, and cymbals. I'm wondering how much futzing I'll have to do to make either option sound good. I'm also open to other options you'd care to recommend. All comments welcome.

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    DTX Multi12 makes a great mini kit....
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      FWIW: also looking at Roland TM-6 Pro Drum Trigger Module.


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        x2 on the DTX multi 12 - i'm very happy with mine. the TD17 will be much much easier to set up in terms of the module, especially for a first time e-drummer, and the playing experience will be much closer to your experience with acoustic drums, even a cocktail kit. a dtx multi12 or octopad is a very different beast, but they are much more "mini". the dtx multi 12 is notoriously difficult in terms of the menus, settings etc. if possible, try one of them (dtx 12, octopad) out before you buy if you decide to go that way
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