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    Hey all, first post and new drummer, forgive me if this is in the wrong sub-forum. I recently bought an ATV ESX-5 which I am really enjoying, I then saw Drum-Tec do a 'Drum-Tec Edition' which I drew inspiration from. So this is what the kit looks like now, really love how it fills out and looks more like a traditional kit. My intent was to use the stock XD3 module in conjunction with SD3 since I already owned Superior Drummer.

    I have it hooked up via USB 2.0 cable and it does not seem to be seeing the kit and it doesn't seem to be sending any sounds to the module. I only see a preset for the AD5. Are there issues with the XD3 module and Superior Drummer?

    Moving on, and I guess what would be the second part to that question. What are my upgrade options? Eventually I think I would like to add more cymbals and possibly another tom or two. It looks like if I moved to the AD5 I could at most hook up one additional tom and one additional cymbal. The AD5 module also seems to work just fine with SD3, the limiting factor seems to be the inputs. The other option it seems would be the Mimic Pro due to it having a ton of inputs baked in, the down side is.. it would be an expensive i/o just to use with SD3 as I would still opt to use SD3 over the Mimic Pro.

    Are there any options I might have missed? Has anyone successfully set up an XD3 with SD3?

    Thanks in advance!

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