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Crappy, flimsy stands or getting fancy with clamps

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  • Crappy, flimsy stands or getting fancy with clamps

    OK, stay with me here. I was thinking about my mini kit. I got a stand for it and I think I want to add my old snare trigger, and I reserve the right to add a crash, too.

    but the idea is to stay small here. And with the stand for the Multipad, plus a high hat stand and a bass drum tower, I'll have a solid forest of legs going, just as I would of I were playing a regular kit.

    so I thought, " these things are pretty light. I won't hit that hard. Can a flimsy stand be the answer over my heavy, sturdy snare and cymbal stands"? I know how dumb that sounds, but it's a storage/ space issue here.

    or should I take the beefy high hat and snare stands I already have and find a way to attach triggers to those? Thoughts welcome.

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    with the dtx 12, i started with the stands / clamps i have. in the end, i needed to either buy the dedicated yamaha pad holder or a snare stand with a ball joint to make my set up work. but all the hardware i’m using is solid.

    in general i try and work with the hardware i’ve got. but flimsy hardware is (almost?) never a good idea. on my compact acoustic kit, i hang a snare off the hi-hat stand, a tom off a cymbal stand, and use the 16” bass drum to hold another cymbal and a jam block. it means i can walk in and out of gigs with one lug, but if the hardware weren’t solid it wouldn’t be possible
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      i could probably live with hanging the snare pad off the high hat stand if such a thing is possible. i'm just going to have to stare at everything i have for a very long time and see what's missing to make it work.

      i agree with the point about flimsy stands, but i was hoping that there was something out there that wouldn't be all that flimsy if little was asked of it, like just a snare pad or a cymbal pad, for instance. it is a concept i can get away with when it comes to light stands when i do video and photography stuff so i was kinda curious if something similar existed for drums. light duty stands for just a splash or a cowbell or something, lol

      i did go with the gibraltar stand/attachment for the multipad. i'll have to see if anything can work with that, or if i can reappropriate those weird yamaha ball joint on a stick things somehow.