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Alesis/ Simmons amp

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  • Alesis/ Simmons amp

    Anyone tried this amp ? just wondering how it sounds . I just saw it , I have used the DA200 Simmons but this one Seems to have more power but no “ Down firing sub” I was just Wondering if this one is any better than the DA 200

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    What's the intended use? Home? Live? Monitoring? etc
    My opinion is to use a general purpose PA (you can always get one second hand less than one of those so-called "drum" amps). 12-15" woofers. One or two speakers - mounted with tweeters at ear height.
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      I use it just for stage monitor . I do allot of feel in work and small shows I need something small for personal monitor . If I show up with a big monitor ther is usually not enough room and inear is worthless if they don’t have capability to use them . I use to use inear and a kicker but it just too much to rig .
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        I saw that item advertised. Too bad it's a 12". I went Mackie Thump 15a. Bought 2 of em, stands, bags. With my small mixer, I've got the edrums, the computer (iTunes, Melodics, Addictive Drums2), a bluetooth receiver (phone), and inputs to spare. Would be no problem at all to feed one Thump straight from the edrums, no mixer needed. But at home, I like having all the electronic crap connected up and ready to use.


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          Well, that Simmons DA2012B is now on sale for $230 at musicians friend. About $90 off list

          I spoke to a MF rep on the phone this morning. He said that price will definitely not last through the holidays. That's now a low enough price that I'll get one just as a portable amp when I'm too lazy to load up the full PA, stands, and such.