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Edrum Rack for Acoustic Drums

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  • Edrum Rack for Acoustic Drums

    I have done an A2E conversion with a PDP kit that I had using mesh heads and Ddrum triggers along with my Yamaha module. I am playing this kit live and I was looking into getting a rack so I could keep the module and wiring attached for quicker set ups. I'm wondering if the rack from my Yamaha DTXpress is sturdy enough to use with acoustic shells. I didn't want to purchase the needed mounts just to find out the shells are too heavy. I would be mounting the 12" & 13" toms along with some conventional cymbals. Has anyone used this rack with their converted set? Thanks!

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    i haven't used the dtxpress, but google results look like it's pretty similar to the rack my TD-6v came with and it was not good enough for acoustic gear. round posts and plastic hardware meant any significant amount of weight wouldn't hold very well, not worth the hassle/risk of breaking something i found.
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      musicians friend sells Gibraltar racks as well as parts to custom build which is the way i went. they sell different length straight and curved tubes and clamps, every thing needed.
      very sturdy.
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        Thanks guys. It doesn't seem that my rack will work so, I'll check out some Gibralter racks and accessories.


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          The PDP rack is a good deal as well.All the clamps,mounts,and memory locks are identical to the DW 9000 ones.The only difference between the DW and PDP racks is that the DW uses stainless steel tubing and the PDP uses chrome plated steel tubing.The Gibraltar also uses chrome plated steel but the tubing and plating on the PDP is a little better quality IMO.